An Apparently Health Boy Died Due To COVID-19

An Apparently Health Boy Died Due To COVID-19

A boy, 16, died due to COVID-19 – the first such under 18 death in Indiana.

The news of death was shocking for her mother, Dawn Guest, a nurse, as the boy looked healthy and had no exposure to COVID-19.

“I can’t tell you how a perfectly healthy 16-year-old boy can be making his own peanut butter sandwich late Wednesday night, getting his own tea out the fridge and head up to bed like any other teenager in the state or in the country is doing. And then within 24 hours is fighting for his life,” Dawn said.

Andre was born premature. He and his twin sister, Abby, spent months in hospital after their birth. They both were adopted by Dawn and Johnny Guest.

As Dawn was a nurse, the family was more aware of the consequence of the virus and thus more conscious about it. They took more safety precautions than other families in US.

She told the news agency that whenever she returned home, she left her shoes at door and headed to the shower. Her husband, Johnny, disinfected the shoes at the door. They always wore face masks when going out and practiced social distancing.


All the family took safety precautions, but Andre was the one who even didn’t leave the house at all.

According to Johnny, at around 1:30 pm, when he went to see his son, Andre said that he was tired. Johnny said “his speech was really slurred. He could still understand me and answer me.”

After some time, Andre fell in the bathroom and Johnny instead of ambulance, called his wife, Dawn. When she got home, Andre’s condition had become severe. His eyes were rolling and he could not lift his weight.

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Dawn Guest called an ambulance and took Andre to the nearest hospital. They transferred him to Riley Hospital for Children.

“Although Andre had no underlying medical conditions, the first thing doctors discovered was that he had developed Type 1 diabetes,” his parents say.His blood sugar was 1,500 milligrams per deciliter. It is more than 10 times the normal.

He was having cough and fever and had hard breathing, he was tested for COVID-19. The test result was negative. But the doctors could not control his blood sugar level.

His body temperature kept rising and even he was given oxygen supplements. Another COVID-19 test was taken, and it came out to be positive.

Johnny and two of his daughters also tested positive, while Dawn didn’t take a test.

Andre was on ventilator after some days. He developed problems of brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and more. “Everything that they would fight to try to correct, the coronavirus would find something else to attack,” said Johnny.

On 27 April, his blood sugar level rose suddenly. Arterial line started clotting.

In Indiana, Andre is the first recorded under 18 to die of COVID-19.


Though Andre looked a healthy teen, still he was victim of a disease which we can say “mother of the diseases” and that is ‘obesity’.

A previous research showed that obese people are more likely to die of COVID -19. (REFERENCE). So we can’t say that he could not die due to COVID-19.

He had the diseases which make the coronavirus more risk. He had Diabetes type 1 and was very over weight. So, this could be the reason of his death even though he was a teenager.

There may be other diseases doctors could not diagnose which proved the coronavirus fatal for him.

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