Study: Physical Activity Prevents Early Death

Study: Physical Activity Prevents Early Death

A study found that around 3.9 million people are saved from death every year, because of physical activities.

Dr. Paul Kelly from the Physical Activity for Health Research Centre at the University of Edinburgh said “Research into lifestyle factors such as lack of physical activity, poor diet, drinking alcohol, and smoking, tends to focus on the harms these do to health, This helps create a narrative to try and prevent and reduce these behaviors.”

World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended 150 minutes of light physical activity or 75 minutes of vigorous-intensity activity.


Researchers examined previously published data of 168 countries also. The number of physically active people varied from country to country, 33% in Kuwait to 94% in Mozambique.

Colombia’s population was the least active and had highest early death percentage. However, this calculation is based on a WHO report. The report was an estimate, not research.

The researchers compared the data of early deaths in active people to early deaths in inactive people. By combining the data, the authors estimated the proportion of early deaths prevented due to physical activity.

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The results showed that regular physical activities lower 15% early deaths per year i.e. 14% death rate for women and 16% for men. This saves 39 million people in total, every year.

Physically active attitude saved from 140,200 early deaths in US and 26,600 in UK.

Experts usually debate on early deaths due to lack of physical exercise. However, the researchers say that they had calculated number of people who don’t die early and now experts can debate in positive way. This is a positive way to explain things.

Dr. Strain said that usually the focus is on the dark side of less physical activity. “We’re used to looking at the downsides of not getting enough activity—whether that’s sports or a gym or just a brisk walk at lunchtime” he said.

“Although there’s a risk of complacency—people asking why we need to invest more when it’s already providing benefit—we hope our findings will encourage governments and local authorities to protect and maintain services in challenging economic climates.”


A research showed that healthy physical activities avert 3.9 million early deaths every year.

The authors said that experts usually talk about negative impact of not doing physical exercise. They said that they aimed at telling people the benefits of exercise instead of side effects not doing physical activity.

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