China Reported 57 New COVID-19 Cases

China Reported 57 New COVID-19 Cases

China reported 57 new COVID-19 positive cases in Beijing. This is the highest number of cases reported in the last 2 months.

Beijing has strictly imposed restrictions in specified areas to control further spread of the virus.

China was the first victim of the COVID-19. It was also the first to eliminate it from the country.

There were only 83,132 cases and 4,634 deaths in China previously. China is one of those few countries which have reopened and are working as normal.

Even after controlling the COVID-19, China continued to test their citizens to avoid any risk of a second wave.

But now China has reported 57 new cases of coronavirus. This is very threatening as it shows that there can be a second wave. Not only in China, but in any other country which had cleared it out.

There was a fair drop in contagion. So many European countries were deciding to reopen their borders by the summer holidays. Now, the idea of opening borders might be delayed.

A middle-old man was the first patient of this outbreak, discovered on Thursday. 52 years old man tested positive and the risk in the district he lived was raised to medium.

Previously, Beijing had no new cases for up to last 55 days. The only new cases were the citizens returning from abroad. Life had returned to normal and all the restaurants and shops were open as normal.

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57 new cases were reported by authorities, out of which 36 were domestic infections in the capital. A wholesale food market has been closed and nearby houses have been also locked down.

A local fruit a vegetable trader says “people are scared”. “The meat sellers have had to close. This disease is really scary,” he added.

In capital, many of the restrictions are issued again. Sports events, which were started previously, are suspended again. Tourism is also stopped and the plan for reopening primary schools is held.

This outbreak made salmons suspicious. Salmons were taken out from markets before, when cutting boards used for salmons tested positive. Fish are not infected by COVID-19.

Six people were reported as infected on Saturday. Three of them were workers at the market and two were their visitors. One of the patients was a colleague of one of the visitors.

Officials started mass testing in order to stop an upcoming second wave. In testing, 51 more people tested positive, all of whom were asymptomatic.

These patients are sent to hospitals and their close contacts, about 139, are quarantined. Around 10,000 workers at the market will be tested as more cases are expected.

Chu Junwei, a district official said, “in accordance with the principle of putting the safety of the masses and health first, we have adopted lockdown measures for the Xinfadi market and surrounding neighbourhoods”. The district is in a “wartime emergency mode,” he added.

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