Delaware Reported No New Deaths

Delaware Reported No New Deaths

The Delaware Division of Public Health (DPH) announced no new deaths with 67 more positive COVID-19 cases.

Also, the state announced that 61 more people have recovered from the COVID-19 as of Thursday.

The virus has claimed lives of 414 Delawareans by now. The ages of the dead range from 21 to 103 years. The dead include 220 females and 194 males i.e. 53% females. 186 individuals belonged to New Castle County; 79 to Kent County and 149 were from Sussex County.

DPH says that it will not disclose specific information about any individual case even if other people do so independently.

The total positive cases of COVID-19 are 10,173(Females: 5,613; Males: 4,543) since 11 March, including

  • 4,389 Sussex County cases
  • 1,544 Kent County cases
  • 4,224 New Castle County cases
  • 100 patients hospitalized
  • 14 patients in critical condition

Delaware observes the patients for 7 more days after the symptoms disappear. After three days of resolution of symptoms, the individuals aren’t needed to self-isolate at home. But they must ensure social distancing for 4 days after which they can return to routine life.

Healthcare updates the information regarding positive cases and fatalities at weekly basis, each Friday. There have been a total of 1,026 COVID-19 positive cases involving long term long term care residents. Moreover, 263 residents of Delaware have died due to the complications of COVID-19.

Importantly, verified epidemiological surveillance data provides the basis of long-term care statistics. 433 positive cases have been reported in total among staff members of the long-term care facilities; one death is reported.

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Case data related to staff members is limited as it is up to the individual to get himself identified as a staff member during case investigation.

The locations and deaths involving residents of long-term care are given below:
  • Atlantic Shores Rehabilitation and Health Center, Millsboro (14)
  • Brackenville Center, Genesis Healthcare, Hockessin (11)
  • Brandywine Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, Wilmington (25)
  • Cadia Healthcare Broadmeadow, Middletown (8)
  • Harbor Healthcare and Rehabilitation, Lewes (16)
  • Harrison House Senior Living, Georgetown (33)*
  • Little Sisters of the Poor, Newark (11)
  • ManorCare Health Services, Wilmington (12)
  • Milford Center, Genesis Healthcare, Milford (31)
  • Parkview Nursing and Rehabilitation, Wilmington (15)
  • Pinnacle Rehabilitation and Health Center, Smyrna (20)

Other facilities reported less deaths. Various states of the US are reporting increased number of COVID-19 cases.

By now, there are 2.13 million COVID-19 positive cases and 117k deaths are reported. Subsequently, 1000 people are dying daily due to the coronavirus,

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