COVID-19: UK Opening ‘Non-essential’ Shops

COVID-19: UK Opening ‘Non-essential’ Shops

UK is opening the ‘non-essential’ shops on Monday. The business secretary, Alok Sharma, said that non-essential shops in England can be opened from Monday. He said opening these shops will “allow high streets up and down the country to spring back to life”.

Car showrooms, outdoor markets were allowed to open earlier this month. Now many other shops will also be opened. Sharma says that shops will be allowed to open and will follow the government’s safety measures.

Already there have been a lot of COVID-19 cases and deaths. Almost 289K confirmed cases and 40,883 deaths are reported in England. The worst thing is there are no recovered people.

Press Conference

Essential shops, if opened, are a cause of rapid spread of virus but are necessary to open. However, experts believe non-essential shops should not be opened. This will be a great threat.

Sharma said in a press conference on Tuesday at Downing Street “I can confirm today that retail outlets which have been required to be closed will be able to open their doors from Monday, 15 June.”

“This is the latest step in the careful restarting of our economy, and will allow high streets up and down the country to spring back to life.”

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COVID-19 has ruined economies of many developed countries. The only reason many countries are reopening quickly is that they have to support their economy. UK is also reopening businesses in steps to do so.

Sharma said that the stores which remained opened during lockdown have followed the safety measures. These shops would also have to take these measures and ‘try’ to lessen the spread of COVID-19.

Sharma said that we all are now used-to with this new shopping style: social distancing while shopping. He said that this is the ‘right time’ to apply these ‘principles’ at large scale.

Many people have lost their jobs because of the lock down. Ministers are trying to allow more and more shops to reopen to overcome this problem.

Sharma said that business department will release guideline for other shops like pubs, restaurants, hairdressers and nail bars. He said “these documents will provide practical steps which will allow these businesses to reopen safely.”

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