COVID-19: New Zealand Lifts Lockdown Restrictions

COVID-19: New Zealand Lifts Lockdown Restrictions

New Zealand is going to lift all the lockdown restrictions which were imposed due to the coronavirus.

New Zealand’s health officials declared that there were no more known active cases of the coronavirus. The Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced that all the restrictions will be lifted immediately except stringent border controls.

She said in a news conference at Wellington “we are ready.” She added that New Zealanders had “united in unprecedented ways to crush the virus.”

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On March 25, New Zealand was locked down by the Prime Minister. At that time there were only 200 confirmed cases. She locked down the country so early which helped them to control the virus. There were in total 1,154 cases. Only 22 of them died and all the others recovered.

This is a great success of New Zealand, especially Jacinda Arder. She was opposed by the deputy leader of New Zealand’s government because of locking down the country for too long. He had insisted to ease the restrictions.

Public Reaction:

New Zealanders are very happy on this and are expressing their feelings on the social media. A social media user said “I know it’s a Monday and all, but I reckon I might pop that bottle of bubbly tonight and raise a glass to all the people of this fine country. Ka pai Aotearoa,” using a Māori phrase that means ‘good job, New Zealand.’

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Claire Trevett, a twitter user, said that he is very happy that after 2 months he can finally “touch his face.” He said that “two months old itch on the side of my nose” is now going out.

However, some were still cautious. They were saying that they will follow the safety measures. One of them said “Despite zero active cases, I am employing the precautionary principle and never going back to the gym, on account of corona.”

Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern:

“Our collective results I think speak for ourselves, This was what the sacrifice of our team of five million was for – to keep one another safe and to keep one another well,” she said.

The border controls will still remain in place. Ardern said that there is no specified time to lift the border controls. Only New Zealanders and their families are allowed to come from abroad. They will also have to stay in government-run quarantine for 14 days.

She didn’t say that the virus is eliminated. “We almost certainly see cases here again,” she said. “That is not a sign that we have failed; it is a reality of this virus.”

Last case:

The last case in New Zealand was about ten days ago. A lone woman, above 50 lived in Auckland, was suffering the COVID-19. She was declared to be recovered when no symptoms were reported in her for 48 hours. On Monday, health officials declared her healthy.

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