Can Food Spread COVID-19?

Can Food Spread COVID-19?

A number of farmers and food manufacturers are tested positive because of novel coronavirus. That’s raising many concerns whether the associated food can spread COVID-19 or not.

There is still a lot about coronavirus which we don’t know. According to Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC), the virus can transmit from person to person. There is no trusted information regarding food prepared by a COVID-19 positive person.

According to CDC officials there’s no evidence that COVID-19 may be transmitted through food, even if someone handling it coughs or sneezes nearby. Experts said if the consumers follow safety measures properly while preparing the food, there’s no need to worry.

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“We don’t really have any evidence that food or food packaging is a source for getting sick” from COVID-19, said Benjamin Chapman, a professor and food safety specialist at North Carolina State University.
He added, “most of the food that we eat, ends up getting right into our gut and ends up encountering a whole bunch of acid in our stomachs. And this virus particularly doesn’t really remain infectious once it hits the stomach.”

It suggests that if any infected person coughs on our food, the virus will not affect us. But we should remember that there is still a lot that is unknown. So, we should take a lot of care to decrease the chances of being affected by coronavirus.

Chapman stressed that there is a lot about coronavirus that we don’t know. Our understandings about the spread of coronavirus may change as more information becomes available. “It’s not that it’s not possible” for people to become infected with COVID-19 through food, Chapman said. “There’s always this possibility. But I want to make the best risk management decision based on the best science and evidence, and we just don’t have any evidence in that area” right now, Chapman said.

Chapman said that cooking food to 149 degrees Fahrenheit for just three minutes will significantly reduce levels of any virus. To decrease the risk, we should heat food up to a high temperature.

We should be careful about food as there is still a lot unknown. Coronavirus may or may not spread through food. To avoid this risk, Chapman laid stress on washing hands before preparing and after handling the food.

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