300 New COVID-19 Cases Reported In Wuhan

300 New COVID-19 Cases Reported In Wuhan

The Chinese city of Wuhan tested 300 people COVID-19 positive during a test campaign. Wuhan had tested almost 10 million people in a 19 day campaign to declare the city completely safe.

Wuhan was the first city to face the COVID-19 outbreak. Peoples Republic of China was the first country to face the virus and the only one to control it. There were total 4,634 deaths due to COVID-19 in China out of which 80% were in Wuhan, according to Chinese government.

Now, there are only 300 COVID-19 positive people. However, no one of the positive tested people showed any symptoms of the disease. The administration tested 1,174 contacts of the positive patients but no one of them had virus. This showed that they are not spreading the virus. A recent Korean Study also found it to be so. However, the study is not totally reliable for its lower number of involved people.

Patients without symptoms are a POSSIBLE threat as they can be silent spreaders of the virus. These patients aren’t showing any symptoms but they are still positive. Some believe that they may have recently recovered from the virus and could have been still appearing to be positive. The recent Korean study follows the same results. The contradicting arguments state that had the patients recovered recently, the health department would have known.

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The city administration managed conducting 9.9 million tests from May 14 to June 1 . Including the tests taken previously, testing involved every Wuhan citizen above 5 years age in the city of 11 million.

Health authorities launched the testing campaign to avoid any chances of a second wave.

The test cost was 900 million Yuan ($125 approx.). The industrial city on the river Yangtze spent this money.

The Chinese health experts derived a new way of fast testing. The laboratories test mixed samples of a group of people. If it tests positive, individual testing is done for all patients to find the positive patients, otherwise, all the people are declared healthy.

“National resources were also mobilized to help,” said Wang Weihua. Deputy director of the Wuhan Health Commission, according to Xinhua, the Chinese news agency, told “together, these efforts raised Wuhan’s daily testing capacity from 300,000 to more than one million,” she added.

Many senior health experts have appreciated the timely tackling of the outbreak by Wuhan’s administration. However, a lot of people including President Trump blame China for the spread of the virus.

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