Study: COVID-19 And Diabetes

Study: COVID-19 And Diabetes

One in ten coronavirus patients with diabetes die in the first week of hospital and one in five need ventilator to breath, the CORONADO found.

What Is Diabetes

Diabetes is the disease in which blood glucose, or blood sugar, levels are too high. Diabetes is not much dangerous in itself, but it puts the patient at great risk with other health issues. Even minor cuts can be fatal for diabetic patients. Diabetic patient’s life is always on risk.

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A recent study has confirmed that diabetes is much dangerous for COVID-19 patients. The study examined 1,317 patients in which 88.5% had type 2 and 3% had type 1 diabetes. Majority of patients were men and their average age was 69.3. On the 7th day, 29% patients were either on a ventilator or had died. The research says that every 1 in five patients was on ventilator and 1 in 10 had died. 18% of the patients were discharged.

On the day seven of the research, 410 patients were sent to ICU, “including 267 individuals who required tracheal intubation for mechanical ventilation “. 140 patients died on the day seven. Only 227 of the patients, under research, were discharged. However 580 patients were hospitalised on the 7th day, I.e. about 63%.

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The patients who used insulin and other treatments to maintain their sugar level did not have that much risk which diabetes patient not using these treatments had. The patients who died, around 140, all had diabetes type 2, no one with diabetes type 1 died. However, there were only 39 patients with diabetes type 1.

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Dr. Robert Eckel, the president of medicine and science at the American Diabetes Association, believes that COVID-19 is more dangerous for type 2 patients. “We just don’t have that information to speak clearly to that question,” he said.

Low sugar in blood isn’t the cause of the increased number of deaths. This is because of the complications of diabetes and old age. Patients with higher Body Mass Index (BMI), a numerical relation of weight and height are also more likely to die.

The research suggested that diabetes patients, if get coronavirus, should be given more attention, especially, males. The study showed that males were more affected with the virus and died in a higher number.

“The other thing, age and being male, I think both of those two things have been recently and repeatedly validated by other studies. So, basically being above the age of 70 and being male with diabetes and being overweight or obese really had a major outcome on the outcome,” Eckel said.

Women death rate and need of ventilator was 25% less than the men. But researchers say when they focused death alone, there was negligible difference between men and women.


Patients with type 2 diabetes are more likely to die. While in this research no patients with type 1 diabetes died. However, this doesn’t prove that type 1 patients are at no risk.

Age is also a big factor on which death rate depends. More aged men died more according to this study. Using insulin and other diabetes treatment can reduce the death chances.

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