US Sends 2 Million HCQ doses to Brazil

US Sends 2 Million HCQ doses to Brazil

US sends 2 million doses of hydoxycholoroquine (HCQ), an anti-malarial drug, as a coronavirus treatment by President Trump to Brazil.

US and Brazilian officials said in a joint statement,“HCQ will be used as a prophylactic to help defend Brazil’s nurses, doctors, and healthcare professionals against the virus.  It will also be used as a therapeutic to treat Brazilians who become infected.”

Brazil will use this drug to keep their health care workers safe and also for treatment of coronavirus patients. Last month, President Trump announced that he has been using this drug to prevent the virus. But studies show that there are no benefits of this drug in order to treat or prevent the virus. However, a study, performed last month, showed that this medicine causes heart problems. It makes the beating of the upper and lower chamber of heart irregular.

Although experts don’t recommend this medicine, US President trusts it and is sending 2 million doses to another country as an aid!

Brazil is the second most impacted country from the pandemic. US is on top of the list with 1.84M cases out of total 6.3M worldwide. Brazil ranks second with 531k patients.

Brazil And US:

Both of the top countries in number of coronavirus patients, are working together to fight the pandemic. The countries announced that they will do joint efforts in research on the present crisis and it will include randomized controlled clinical trials to “help further evaluate the safety and efficacy of HCQ for both prophylaxis and the early treatment of the coronavirus.”

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President Trump and Brazilian president Bolsonaro have announced twice to work together. Both believe countries are “well positioned to continue their work together.”

“Going forward, the United States and Brazil will remain in close coordination in the shared fight against the coronavirus pandemic and the ongoing regional response to safeguard public health, further limit the spread of the coronavirus, advance the early development of a vaccine, and save lives,” the statement continued.

United States also sent 1,000 ventilators to Brazil. This is really an aid as Brazil needs them the most as 30k people have died due to coronavirus and many are facing serious problem.

Currently, US:

Decades old drug is again in demand due to President Trump’s suggestion to use it to prevent COVID-19. CDC estimates 123,000 deaths due to SARS-CoV-2 in USA by 20 June. There are already 103,000 deaths and this number is increasing every second.

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