COVID-19 Healthcare Workers Are At Serious Risks

COVID-19 Healthcare Workers Are At Serious Risks

Amid the pandemic, healthcare workers are working hard to control the virus but the they themselves are at high risk. The alarming number of COVID-19 positive healthcare workers have put a challenge to the healthcare systems.

More than 90,000 health workers across the world are affected by coronavirus. It is because the healthcare workers are not provided good protective equipment.

“The figure for healthcare workers infections has risen from 23,000 to we think more than 90,000, but that is still an underestimation because it is not [covering] every country in the world,” Howard Catton, ICN’s chief executive officer, told Reuters Television in its lakeside offices.

The International Council of Nurses said it now believes those “shocking” figures to significantly underestimate the reality.

The 90,000 figure is collected from 30 countries from government figures, media reports and national nursing associations. At present, there are 5.01Million confirmed cases of coronavirus in the whole world and from which more than 90,000 people are health workers. It means that from 5.01 Million cases, about 1.8% cases are of the healthcare workers. There are 59 million health workers in the whole world from which more than 90,000 are ill because of coronavirus. It means that more than 1.5% health workers in the world are tested COVID-19 positive.

“We wanted to spotlight healthcare providers because they are the national heroes now caring for others with this disease at a time of great uncertainty,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, principal deputy director of the CDC.

“We know their institutions are trying to provide material to help them work safely, but already thousands have been infected.” According to CDC, 73% of the COVID-19 positive workers are female and their median age is 42.

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The healthcare workers have proven a passion to devote their lives for others. They work even if they are not provided by complete protective equipment.

“We all feel really burned out. We just want our patients to be well and for this pandemic to be over,” says Val, a medical-surgical and critical care nurse working in a New York City unit caring only for coronavirus patients. “

The workers should clean their hands again and again with alcohol –based hand rub or with water and soap to decrease the risk of coronavirus. Personal protective equipment like masks, sanitizers, gloves, face shield, specially designed helmet, particulate respirator grade n95/FF92 or higher etc. should be provided to healthcare workers. Healthcare workers should eat healthy food to make their immune system strong. Strong immune system helps to prevent coronavirus and also helps to recover fastly. Health care workers should be tested repeatedly to detect the virus at the earliest stages.

According to Dr. Russel G. Buhr, a pulmonologist at U.C.L.A. Health, “maintaining a routine”, he said, “like getting up and getting dressed and doing what you usually do, can positively affect mental health. And good mental health promotes good physical health,” he added.

So, the health care workers should maintain routine life to prevent coronavirus. A health worker should take extra precautions to ensure the safety of himself and his family also. There is a lot of shortage of masks and other protective equipment. They should be provided to healthcare workers firsts. The Centre for Disease Control has also prepared a guide that outlines what practices should be doing to get ready for COVID-19.Healthcare workers are our heroes. They are working in a time of great uncertainty. Their protection must be one of the priority concerns of the governments.


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