28 New Cases of Coronavirus in Canadian Soldiers Reported

28 New Cases of Coronavirus in Canadian Soldiers Reported

The COVID-19 pandemic has nearly five million confirmed cases around the world with health experts expecting a further increase in the coming months due to the second wave of coronavirus even in the countries which have significantly controlled the spread of the virus.

Even though a number of countries have announced easing in coronavirus-related restrictions including China, New Zealand, Italy, and Germany, and reopened schools, businesses, and institutions, the risk of the virus remains equally high even in all of these countries.

In fact, the highest number of coronavirus cases in a single day was recently reported to the World Health Organization. According to sources, around 100,000 cases had been newly diagnosed in twenty-four hours.

The health experts at the WHO stated that the figures were ‘alarming’ and show that the threat of the virus is still very high. People still need to take the pandemic seriously and follow all of the instructions given by official health authorities to avoid a second wave of coronavirus.

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However, there has been a resurgence in nearly all countries that have lifted their lockdowns such as the United States. In the past week, church services at a local church located in Arkansas caused over thirty new infections.

All of these infections were associated with a single person and the people who attended the church further infected even more people. Regardless of strict rules imposed by states, people are continuing to go to churches and even have religious gatherings at home in the US.

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, churches and other places of worship have been one of the most high-risk areas for the coronavirus infection. Similarly, another high-risk area for coronavirus is also care homes.

Recently, twenty-eight new cases of coronavirus in soldiers by the Canadian Armed Forces, all of whom had been working in care homes located in Quebec and Ontario. Few days prior to the incident, the number of new cases among the soldiers was comparatively lower.

Last week, the were only five soldiers who tested positive for the infection. Since the coronavirus spread in military personnel was lower before, the Canadian army had declared that it will inform about any updates every once in two weeks.

However, after the dramatic increase in the past twenty-four hours, the army has decided to update every day as many of the soldiers are still working in the care homes it is highly likely that there will be more new cases of the infection.

According to Daniel Le Bouthillier, who is the Defence Department spokesman, soldiers are immediately isolated and sent for treatment for the coronavirus infection in case they test positive for it.

“Personnel will be rotated in as required in order to fill any gaps. We remain flexible to be able to respond to a variety of tasks in support of civil authorities.” He added.

Around one thousand and seven hundred soldiers are deployed in thirty care homes for providing assistance to the usual staff in managing COVID-19. In addition to medical help, the soldiers also help with other services such as serving or cooking food and cleaning.

Twenty-five of the thirty care homes is located in Quebec, which is the worst-hit than all other states in Canada. The situation in care homes had been so bad that some of them had no staff members left to overlook them. The remaining five are in Ontario, which has comparatively fewer cases of coronavirus.

The soldiers deployed in these care homes are trained initially and sent with personal protection kits.

The president of Canada, Justin Trudeau stated that the soldiers are aware of the risk of coronavirus infection before going to care homes and they still go voluntarily which is why it is the duty of the government to protect them.


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