Doctor Delays Retirement to Help Treat Coronavirus

Doctor Delays Retirement to Help Treat Coronavirus

Dr. James Mahoney, who is a physician in New York City and well-known for his dedication towards treatment and medicine, has recently passed away after contracting coronavirus infection while treating patients.

According to his colleagues, Dr. Mahoney delayed his treatment and went back to work with the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. At the time, he was sixty-two and at a greater risk of having the infection.

Just like other physicians of his age, Dr. Mahoney was advised to stay at home and retire. However, he refused to do so and continued looking after patients with COVID-19. In fact, he led the Intensive Care Units at SUNY Downstate and King’s County Hospital in New York.

According to the Times of New York, he also offered services non-stop at underfunded coronavirus facilities including one of the institutions which provided help to underprivileged members of the black community.

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Previously, Dr. Mahoney had also offered his services and worked on the front line during the AIDS health crisis as well as the September eleven terrorist attacks in New York.

Dr. Robert F. Foronjy, who also worked with Dr. Mahoney in the ward, stated that very few had the courage Dr. Mahoney did and most hesitated but he never did.

“There were people who were really reluctant to go into the rooms, and you could understand why” Foronjy said while talking to Times of New York.  “He saw another human being in need, and he didn’t hesitate to help.” He added.

In addition to his services, Dr. Mahoney also taught medicine at the hospital’s teaching center. According to CBS New York, he was well-known all over the country for his work in medicine but at the same time he was also known to be a very humble person who treated businessmen and janitors at the hospital with the same level of respect.

At the start of April, Dr. Mahoney caught a fever and started having signs of coronavirus infection. Eventually he had to isolate at home but even at that time he continued to consult with patients and other physicians working in the COVID-19 pandemic special ward.

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Around April 20, he had to be admitted to the hospital immediately as he started having extreme difficulty in breathing and was unable to even get out of bed.

Even though many doctors and colleagues tried their best to bring Dr. Mahoney back to healthy, he passed away on the twenty-seventh of April.

The hospital he worked at reported that during his forty-year services, Dr. Mahoney had not only been an exceptional physician but had also managed to remain as dedicated as he was while coming there as a student.

Stories of such health care workers can act as a reminder to people to follow the guidelines for coronavirus infection in order to control the number of cases. Doing so will significantly help in cutting down the risk for the second wave and decrease fatalities in people as well as in health care workers themselves.

To effectively prevent coronavirus infection, follow all guidelines from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Try to stay at home even if the lockdown restrictions have eased as the virus is still there and the risk of it spreading as fast as it did before is equally high.

Upon symptoms of the coronavirus infection including dry cough, sneezing, fever, difficulty in breathing, and a feeling of pressure in the chest, consult a health facility immediately.

Do not self-medicate at home. Maintain distance with family members and friends and wear a mask to prevent transmission of the virus.


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