Man who Travelled 600 Miles to get a Haircut in Coronavirus Pandemic

Man who Travelled 600 Miles to get a Haircut in Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has limited people to the vicinity of their homes and many have not had a proper haircut since the lockdown. Meanwhile, a citizen from Olympia, Washington traveled more than 600 miles to get a haircut. J Farr, who is a 28-year-old saw the Facebook post of his old friend who had a haircut and J Farr could not resist.

Farr said that he started preparing to get his haircut as soon as he saw the post. Before the coronavirus pandemic, he would get a haircut occasionally after a month or so but since the pandemic nowhere seems to be ending soon, he was about to shave all his hair off.

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After a few days, Farr set off on his journey and went back to his hometown after 4 years. The next day he got his haircut where the barber was wearing his protective mask. He got a fade haircut which cost him not more than $20.

Farr had been living in isolation for three months and it was exciting for him to finally have some kind of social interaction. He said that he felt good to be around people who were not living inside their homes out of fear.

Since the coronavirus has restricted people to their homes in California, the barbershops in Sutter and Yuba counties are open. People from California and neighboring states are visiting these salons to have a sense of a normal life.

However, not all salons have opened fearing they might lose their license. Most of the salons do not let all of their clients enter the salon at a time. Instead, they wait outside for their turn and do not make prolonged contact with the professionals according to state guidelines.

Wes Heryford, who has opened his Butte House Barber Shop amid coronavirus outbreak said that people from states around the county have been visiting the shop frequently and they do not have an issue with traveling hundreds of miles for a haircut.

Since the collective coronavirus cases in both counties have not been more than 60, the authorities opened many public spots such as restaurants, barbershops, salons and spas, shopping malls early in May while practicing social distancing and other standard safety protocols.

An epidemiologist at UC San Francisco, Dr. George Rutherford approved of the cleanliness measures owners take in this business but he said that the major risk is from breathing near the infected person. He said that the cotton mask that is commonly used around the county are not much effective against the virus.

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 Nonetheless, Heryford said that he is not afraid of contracting the virus. He is strict about the cleaning and sanitization practices in his shop. He also said that they are trying to maintain social distancing inside the shop but it mainly depends on his clients and he cannot force them to do anything.

Other salons in the county are taking extraordinary precautions against the coronavirus by sanitizing everyone who enters the shop. People are losing their business due to the coronavirus pandemic so they want to reopen their shops while taking the necessary precautionary measures so that they can support their families.


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