Can You Reverse Heart Diseases Without The Use of Drugs?

Can You Reverse Heart Diseases Without The Use of Drugs?

Heart diseases do not just happen, in fact, a lot of reasons can be held accountable for it. What you eat, how often you work out, your stress management techniques and the environmental toxins that you are exposed to can all contribute to high blood pressure, high cholesterol and high blood sugar ultimately leading to heart diseases.

Have you ever wondered why heart diseases are not treated in the right way? It is because the doctors focus on treating the risk factors and not the actual causes. In other words, it is like you are mopping up the floor not realizing that the sink is continuously overflowing.

If you treat the factors that are leading to high blood pressure and blood sugar instead of treating them, you can actually manage to reverse heart diseases without the use of medications.

According to a study posted in the Archives of Internal Medicine, simple lifestyle changes like not smoking, eating healthy and exercising regularly can reduce the risk of heart attacks by 81 percent.

Following are some of the ways how you can reverse heart diseases and prevent them from developing again.

  1. Manage Your Diet

Make sure that you eat healthy foods which are enriched with poly nutrients and nutrients. Ideally speaking, you have to add at least 8-10 servings of vegetables and fruits in your everyday diet. Vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins, fiber, minerals, anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants that help in fighting heart diseases and may completely reverse them.

  1. Increase Fiber Consumption

If you start consuming as much as 50 grams of fiber on a daily basis, you can be potentially reversing several heart diseases. You must be wondering about the foods that can provide you with high fiber content. These foods may include nuts, vegetables, seeds and fruits like berries with low sugar levels.

  1. Maintain Your Sugar Level

Variations in your blood sugar level can undoubtedly contribute to heart diseases. Therefore, it is crucial for you to keep this level in a steady state. You can achieve this target by consuming a good amount of healthy fats, proteins and healthy carbs in your everyday meals.

Always remember never to eat only carbohydrates and do not take processed sugars along with them.

  1. Supplement Yourself With Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Try to eat as many anti-inflammatory agents as you can. These agents can include cold-water fish like sardine, salmon, and herring. You can also consume flaxseed and seaweed to make sure that your heart diseases do not ever show up again. Omega-3 fatty acids are said to be healthy fats that can prove beneficial for your heart. They can improve your lipid profile and by lowering down LDL level, they contribute to the health of your heart.

Omega-3 fatty acids are said to be healthy fats that can prove beneficial for your heart. They can improve your lipid profile and by lowering down LDL level, they contribute to the health of your heart.

  1. Avoid Hydrogenated Fat

Before following this instruction, you need to know which food items contain hydrogenated fats. Avoiding hydrogenated fats means you will have to stop using margarine, processed oils, crackers and your favorite cookies. Hydrogenated fat products contain trans fat and you must not use them if you want your heart diseases revered and gone forever. Instead, try using healthy oils like olive oil, coconut oil and sesame oil in your everyday food.

  1. Cut Short on Alcohol Intake


By consuming alcohol, you are actually raising the levels of triglycerides in your blood. This can not only contribute to heart diseases but can also cause fatty liver. By controlling your intake of alcohol, you can successfully control blood sugar which means that all heart diseases can be easily reversed.


  1. Try Using Supplements

Diet alone can never reverse any heart condition. For maintaining the health of your heart on a long-term basis, start taking a good vitamin or mineral supplement after consulting with a doctor. Alternatively, you can also use purified fish oil supplement or any good fiber supplement to lower down cholesterol and maintain sugar level in your body.

  1. Stop Taking Stress

Stress can singlehandedly lead to heart diseases. A cascade of events is triggered by chronic stress that can result in a heart attack. Stress can cause inflammation, disturb the cholesterol profile and raise your blood sugar, making you prone to heart attacks. So, if you want to reverse your heart diseases without medicines, stop taking stress!

  1. Exercise Frequently

For reversing your heart diseases, exercise 30 to 45 minutes 5 times a week as per a study by Palo Alto VA Medical Center, California.

Your heart is made up of muscles and muscles need to exercise. If you are strong enough, you can also handle high0intensity interval training as well. Remember that you can never eliminate heart pathologies without exercising frequently.


The author is a Medical Microbiologist and healthcare writer. She is a post-graduate of Medical Microbiology and Immunology. She covers all content on health and wellness including weight loss, nutrition, and general health. Twitter @Areeba94789300

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