UK: Two Health Workers Died Due To COVID-19

UK: Two Health Workers Died Due To COVID-19

This week, Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust have confirmed deaths of their two employees after contracting with coronavirus.

On 13th may, a midwife Safaa Alam, 29, and a senior mental health nurse Lillian Mudzivare, 41, both at Birmingham Women’s and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust died after contracting coronavirus.

Safaa Alam:

Alam lived in Birmingham. Shahzad, her husband, on her death remarked, “she has left an empty feeling and space in my life and for many others which will take a long time to heal but I will remember her with love for her courage, patience and kindness.”

Alam’s husband Shahzad described his wife as “beautiful and full of life”.

He also said.”Safaa was my beautiful and full-of-life wife. She was my childhood sweetheart and we grew up together,”

He said, “Our memories of Safaa will always be cherished, and we’ll greatly miss her strength and positive outlook on life.”

Alam’s Father Mushtaq died two weeks ago because of coronavirus. A Go Fund Me appeal in memory of father and daughter has been set up.

Lillian Mudzivare:

Mudzivare lived in Birmingham with her husband and daughters. She started her work at the trust as a nurse two-and-a-half year ago.

Mrs Mudzivare’s husband, Moses, and their daughters said, “she was a very proud nurse, always caring for those who needed her help,”

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“We were so proud when Lillian (Mudzivare) joined our team,” said Mr. Elaine Kirwan, deputy chief nurse for mental health services.

Four members of the same trust’s staff have now died with Covid-19.

The trust’s chief executive, Sarah-Jane Marsh, told that Mrs Mudzivare had “touched the lives of everyone who knew her,” through her work as a mental health nurse and she thanked her for her “commitment to the well-being of young people” in Birmingham.

In a statement, her family described her a “such a beautiful mother, wife and friend” and a “very proud nurse always caring for those who needed her help”.

Colleagues said they were “so sad” to lose Mrs Alam and Mrs Mudzivare.

10 days ago, a care home director and her husband also died in the same hospital due to coronavirus.  

More than 100 National Health Service (UK) workers have died while fighting with coronavirus. Many Doctors and nurses are suffering coronavirus because they were in contact with the patients infected with COVID-19. Good personal protection equipment should be provided to doctors and nurses to decrease the chances being infected. Recently, a study recommended using of helmets which protect from noninvasive ventilation. (NIV)

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