Water Could Save You From Diabetes Type 2

Water Could Save You From Diabetes Type 2

Diabetes type 2 is a chronic condition that indicates that a person’s blood sugar is too high as compared to the standard level. It also indicates that the body is unable to make insulin on its own so a diabetic person relies on insulin. Without insulin, either natural or injected separately the body can not process food or obtain energy which is a major threat for visceral organs. There is no specific medicine for diabetes type 2, neither there is a way to ‘reverse’ it. however, taking help from natural ingredients might help to manage it. medical experts have endorsed ‘water’ which could prevent a person from diabetes type 2.

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It sounds unbelievable but it is true. Drinking a sufficient amount of water every day helps to maintain the blood sugar levels as per the standard level. It doesn’t let the body become dehydrated and it also supports the kidney function to filter and excrete the excess water from the body in the form of urine.

There is plenty of data that suggests that people who drink more water are at a reduced risk of diabetes. But is it really that simple? Who thought that drinking water is going to save a person from diabetes type 2?

Diabetes directly affects insulin production and regulation of the body. Normally, every human body needs insulin to digest the food which is secreted by the pancreas, to obtain energy and live a healthy life. This absorbed glucose reaches to every body’s cell through the bloodstream and accounts for the cellular functions.

In diabetes type 2, the person is unable to breakdown the carbs from food and get energy. Either his insulin production is slow of the pancreas doesn’t produce insulin at all. Either way, it disastrous for the body and the person is unable to maintain his extremely high sugar levels.

The internet is full of so-called remedies and tricks to prevent diabetes however most of them are fake and do not work.

It is surprising to know that something simple, like water, could do the same for which people usually look for medicines. Drinking water could reduce the high sugar in the blood and prevent diabetes in the long term.

Taking care of the body’s water levels ensures that the body is sufficiently hydrated and there is no way for the blood sugar levels to rise or drop, either way, saves from diabetes. It is even proven by research that drinking more water has special benefits for the prediabetic people.

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One such study conducted by the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health proved that low water consumption increases the chance of getting hyperglycemia. This study particularly mentioned that; “Water intake alters vasopressin secretion. Recent findings reveal an independent association between plasma copeptin, a surrogate for vasopressin, and risk of diabetes.

Many people might not know about ‘vasopressin’ which is basically is a hormone from the posterior pituitary gland which is released in reaction to the high serum osmolality. In the case of an ‘arterial stretch,’ the body somehow limits the secretion of vasopressin.

When a person drinks water, it rehydrates the blood and removes the excessive amount of glucose from the blood, before it creates a problem. In this way, simply a glass of water could prevent diabetes type 2 in everyone.



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