President Trump Calls Coronavirus Screening Test ‘Overrated’

President Trump Calls Coronavirus Screening Test ‘Overrated’

While the health experts in the US are warning the officials of an increased outbreak of the virus with lifting the lockdown, increased testing in the states will help control the spread and prevent a possibly worse second wave of the coronavirus.

On Thursday, President Donald Trump stated that he will get himself tested for the coronavirus every day and later called coronavirus testing overrated.

During Trump’s visit to the medical equipment supply plant in Pennsylvania, Trump said to the workers at the plant that more cases in the US are due to more tests being done for the coronavirus. He also regarded it as a common fact that if lesser coronavirus screening tests were done, there would have been fewer cases of the infection.

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However, the testing capacity of the US has been much lower than other countries that have contained the outbreak including Germany and South Korea. According to the data provided by, the US is behind 30 countries in terms of the number of coronavirus tests.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said on Thursday that the 15-minute test of the Abbot Laboratories is being investigated as reportedly in appears to be giving false-negative results due to which coronavirus patients are not identified. The test is being widely used all over the US including the White House facility for President Trump and his associates as well as the task force designated for the coronavirus. However, Abbot Laboratories claim that the test is accurate.

On Friday, Lancet, the medical Journal commented that the administration of the US along with President Trump is hoping that the virus will be eradicated on its own. The only reliable methods to contain the outbreak are following the guidelines provided by the health experts, conducting more coronavirus screening tests, self-isolation, and social distancing.

While addressing the reporters at the White House, Vice President Mike Pence said that all the people who have daily interactions will the President will go through the coronavirus screening test every day to ensure that the President does not contact the virus from anyone.

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Reports came from the White House that a personal attendant for President Trump has been tested coronavirus positive. After a while, the new policy of testing Trump and the people around him came into view.

The valet was responsible for serving meals to the President along with other tasks. President Trump and the Vice President were testing again after their interaction with the attendant. However, the White House has reported that both of them were tested negative for the virus.

Trump said that his interaction with the valet was very limited. Although he knows him he did not have a lot of contact with him.

The death toll in the US has been rising ever since the outbreak and there needs to be increased capacity of coronavirus screening test as an effort to contain the disease. However, despite the recommendations of the health experts to conduct more tests per individual, the US is still far behind in its testing capacity.




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