Is Coronavirus Pandemic a Curse on Humanity?

Is Coronavirus Pandemic a Curse on Humanity?

The COVID-19 pandemic now has nearly four million cases around the world with an increasing number of deaths with each passing day regardless of the preventive measures taken by almost every country to stop the spread of the infection.

While some people may claim that the primary reason for the fast spread of the infection can be explained through scientific research on its transmission, functionality, and mutation, others view the entire ongoing health crisis from a completely different perspective.

For instance, in accordance with a new poll conducted by the Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the University of Chicago Divinity School, nearly two-thirds of the Americans believe that coronavirus is a sign from God.

More specifically, the poll showed that people who were previously non-religious also looked for a ‘deeper’ associated meaning in the crisis and believe that it may be a reminder to change for better to the entire mankind.

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The majority of the participants who took part in the poll, both religious and non-religious, state that the sudden spread of the coronavirus infection along with its related complications is most likely to be linked to the wrong direction in which the world was headed.

Around thirty-one percent of the Americans who believed in God have interpreted the spread of COVID-19 as a sign from God on changing and becoming better. Among all who participated in the poll, Evangelical Protestants were the most likely to have similar beliefs.

Forty-three percent of the Evangelical Protestants believed the coronavirus is a sign from God in comparison with twenty-three percent of the mainline Protestants and Catholics.

Secondly, forty-three percent of black Americans were seen to have a stronger belief in comparison with twenty-seven percent of white Americans and thirty-seven percent of the Latin Americans.

These results remained the same regardless of gender, socio-economic background, and a number of other factors.

Interestingly, the poll also showed that black Americans were more likely to lose faith in God with twenty-seven percent saying that the pandemic has left them jobless and in a lot of difficulties as well as has exposed the racial inequalities in all systems in the country including the health care sector.

On the other hand, only eleven percent of white Americans and thirteen percent of Latin Americans had a similar change in their faith due to the spread of the coronavirus.

Overall, most of the people in the US have seemed to develop faith in God rather than lose it. Around two percent of the population has been seen to start believing in God in comparison with one percent that lost their faith.

Another fifty-five percent of the Americans believe that God will protect them from the coronavirus infection. Twenty-six percent of the believer has also reported developing a stronger faith due to the health crisis.

The professor of religious studies at Yale University, Kathryn Lofton, most of the people in the US have taken the spread of COVID-19 as a message from God primarily because they feel that the casualties related to the crisis will continue as long as they do not change.

While different people are interpreting the crisis in their own way, health experts state that spiritual and religious activities can a form of relief from the anxiety associated with the pandemic.


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