Governor Newsom Shares new Guidelines on Coronavirus Lockdown In California

Governor Newsom Shares new Guidelines on Coronavirus Lockdown In California

Recently, a number of countries that have successfully controlled the spread of COVID-19 have eased their coronavirus-related lockdown and restrictions. In addition, the US is also lifting bans on businesses and institutes in some of its states including California.

Although coronavirus in the US has caused over sixty thousand deaths and affected more than one million people, a few states have reported a reduction in the number of cases, thereby paving the way for the removal of strict restrictions.

However, the health experts at the World Health Organization have noted that new coronavirus infection cases have been diagnosed in all of the countries which have lifted their bans, including the US.

Therefore, there has been an emphasis on the importance of tracing for any more potential cases especially for hard-hit countries including Italy, France, and the US.

Coronavirus in the US has caused more casualties and deaths than any other country which is why health officials have immediately begun preparing tracing teams in order to tackle another possible wave of COVID-19.

In a recent statement, the Governor of the state of California, which has controlled the coronavirus infection to a big extent, has introduced new guidelines for residents to follow in order to prevent new cases.

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Governor Gavin Newson has assured people that the spread of coronavirus in California has been controlled and the situation is much better than before. However, he has also added that people will have to continue following instructions regardless of the easing in restrictions so that there is no second wave of the infection.

After the easing of the lockdown in the state, malls, businesses, and offices will be able to re-open but only under certain conditions. For instance. Gov. Newson has stated that big outlet centers and shopping malls will only be allowed to cater to their customers through curbside pickup.

In addition, only particular businesses where telework is not possible will only be allowed under the new guidelines.

On the other hand, offices and workplaces will only re-open after several preventive and security measures are taken. In a similar way, restaurant owners will only be allowed to open only if they follow social distancing policies for seated customers, hygiene requirements for kitchen, and face mask requirements for its employees.

For areas with shelter-in-place requirements, the restrictions are still the same as before as they are still at a high risk of a further spread of the coronavirus infection.

According to Newsom, the majority of the residents of California state are eager to return to work. This is why there has also been a rising demand for re-opening all businesses in the state from the people but coronavirus in California would not be completely wiped out if the lockdown is lifted completely.

In addition, easing restrictions would also not provide any benefits to the people if they do not feel safe while heading out or even at their workplaces.

Along with continuing some of the restrictions, California is also making progress in tracing and testing people. Up till now, there have been over one million tests in the state with an average of thirty-five thousand tests per day.

In an effort to further encourage testing, Gov. Newsom has also stated that pharmacies will soon be allowed to give virus test recommendations. These steps are fundamental if a second wave is to be prevented, said Newsom.




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