Coronavirus May Not Spare Children: Study

Coronavirus May Not Spare Children: Study

A recent study concluded that the coronavirus may have severe effects on children including organ failure. Study coauthor Lawrence Kleinman declared that the idea of COVID-19 sparing children is fake. Though stats show children are less vulnerable.

The study involved 48 patients who were admitted to pediatric intensive care units in the U.S. and Canada during last two months. The ages of the patients ranged from infants to 21 years old. Less than 20% of patients had no underlying health condition such as chronic lung disease or diabetes.

Every 1 of 5 children had two or more organs failed. When the time period of the study ended, two children had died; 15 were still hospitalized, one on life support and three were on ventilators.

The rates of deaths of children in the ICUs was much lower than that of adults. In adults it was noted to be 62% whereas the study found the mortality rate of the children to be 4.2%. In cases of other viruses linked to the respiratory system such as influenza, children were more vulnerable to be affected by the virus. But in case of COVID-19, situation is different.

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“While children are more likely to get very sick if they have other chronic conditions, including obesity, it is important to note that children without chronic illness are also at risk,” said Kleinman. However, experts concluded that only 10% of the cases of the virus in a family started from a child.

Another recent research suggested that the symptoms of the COVID-19 in children might be quite different than those in adults. It further added that children suffering from diarrhea and sickness along with fever should be suspected of being infected with the virus.

The study published in Frontiers in Pediatrics included 5 children who tested positive for OCVID-19 and all of them showed non-respiratory symptoms. Since COVID-19 tests can occasionally produce false results, researchers signaled the need for more study to confirm the results as it had involved a very small number of patients.

“[when they get the disease] young children appear to have mild or no symptoms, said consultant paediatrician Kirsten Perrett of the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI). “Obviously severe COVID-19 in children does happen, but it is extremely rare.”

In recent stats by China, Italy and some other countries, 0% rate for deaths were reported for children under 10. Possibly, mutations may be the reason behind the rising rate of fatalities.

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