Experts say that it is Less Likely to Get Coronavirus While in Public

Experts say that it is Less Likely to Get Coronavirus While in Public

The coronavirus pandemic has led many countries to implement lockdown at some level to ensure safe social distancing to control the exponential rise in death rate all over the world. However, some experts believe that people are at greater risk to get infected with coronavirus in their homes than outside.

According to the health experts, there is enough evidence to show that if people maintain a distance of six feet or more while being outside, they are less likely to get infected rather than being indoors. The consistent lockdown has limited everyday business and affected the world’s economy poorly.

This study can help the authorities to ease the lockdown while implementing the standard operating procedure.

Tom Frieden who is the former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that public recreational spots such as parks and beaches should be opened as long as they are not overcrowded. Nature is very less likely to spread this disease hence people should be allowed to go outside.

Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) said that considering the stats, a state might allow outdoor activities by the next week including public gym, parks, and religious practices.

The coronavirus originated in the Hubei province of China and the coronavirus cases outside this province in more than 300 cities over about a month were studied. According to the study, a single outbreak was outdoor-related. This study, however, has not been reviewed yet.

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A few cities are trying to open small businesses while ensuring the safety of the public. These include Hartford, Conn., where it is being considered to expand the seating of restaurants to ensure social distancing among customers. Vilnius is another city that has taken measures to expand the seating of restaurants and also opened the central square.

Professor Eleanor Murray from Boston University School of Public Health appreciated the idea of expanding restaurant seating while closing crowded streets to maintain a distance of six feet among people. She also pointed out the fact that the indefinite lockdown harms the economy as well as the mental health of people.

She has also warned to stay away from crowds at all costs. She mentioned social distancing in beaches should be ensured among people and sports such as volleyball should be prohibited as the ball coming in contact with multiple people can become a source of the virus.

She also said that playgrounds should not be opened yet as the equipment comes in contact with multiple people repeatedly.

However, experts have given a fair warning that being outdoors is not completely risk-free and a distance of at least six feet must be ensured.

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In an indoor setting, the virus is more prone to spread as the air is not as dispersed compared to outside when the droplets can diffuse through the air to a greater distance.

Amesh Adalja, a senior scholar at the Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Security said the virus does not have teleportation ability and it can only spread through coughing and sneezing. Barbershops and parlors are also a great risk of spreading the virus through shared surfaces. Air-condition is also a source of spreading the virus through circulating air.

Although it is essential to maintain social distancing, these suggestions by experts can help reduce the situation of lockdown and provide an opportunity for local businesses to carry out their regular activities while ensuring safe practices.





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