A New Coronavirus Anti-Body Test with 99.8% Efficient Results Would Be Here Soon

 A New Coronavirus Anti-Body Test with 99.8% Efficient Results Would Be Here Soon

Rumors on a new coronavirus antibody test are circulating a media that is claimed to be 99.8% accurate. This is the first time that any diagnostic test for coronavirus would give such remarkable results. As per sources, this new test would be available in the United States and the United Kingdom both.

This serology test has been developed by Roche Diagnostics and it can detect if the person has been affected by the coronavirus. Moreover, it also detects if the person has developed immunity to the virus or not. The developers of the test say that there will not be any false negative reports using the test.

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Elecsys, a Swiss firm has reported that its specificity is about 99.8% with 100% sensitivity, hence it will give only true positive results. The test will be a major help to ease lockdowns across the globe.

FDA has approved the use of the testing kits on an emergency basis while stating that the company is “in dialogue’’ with the government of the UK as well as the NHS to do a “phased roll-out of the test from mid-May”.

The testing kit will provide results in as low as 18 minutes with the help of a completely automatic system. Roche Diagnostics will be installing it at locations all over the UK. However, the information on the development of immunity is rather blurry as stated by Dr. Jenny Harries, she said that they do not have adequate information regarding immunity development.

She also said that immunity development differs among patients but it is expected that patients develop immunity to an extent after an illness of around 10 days.

Professor John Newton who is a coordinator of the testing effort in the UK found evidence of immunity development in South Korea “encouraging”. However, it is not yet known for how long will the immunity last.

The managing director of Roche Diagnostics UK & Ireland, Geoff Twist, said that this anti-body test with 99.8% accuracy would help to understand the widespread of this virus. This way it would help the healthcare workers to take relevant precautionary and control measures.

He further shared that it is necessary that both pharma companies and healthcare units are working in collaboration with each other. As it is a difficult time and there is no way to control the deadly coronavirus spread. Only a collaborative effort can help in to find a solution that is much needed right now.

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He expressed his gratitude that he is proud to provide an antibody test for the Coronavirus which is high in quality and it will help to move on to the next step. Furthermore, he said that they will be working side by side with the public health institutes, the NHS, and the government for enabling them to provide the testing kits all over the UK.

Previously, UK Imported 3.5 million testing kits from China. However, there remains a doubt on the efficacy of these test kits and many experts believe that they are not good enough for large-scale testing.

This month, Roche Diagnostics is going to conduct millions of the diagnostic test to confirm the efficacy of these results. The testing facility will be available in the United States as well as the countries that accept the CE mark and the capacity will be continually increased.




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