UAE Discovers Treatment For COVID-19: Is UAE Behind The Spread Of The Pandemic?

UAE Discovers Treatment For COVID-19: Is UAE Behind The Spread Of The Pandemic?

Since the breakout of novel pandemic, COVID-19, the race to develop effective treatment for the virus began. Up till now, there have been many conspiracy theories too. Countries like United States of America (USA) and China have been blamed for the production and spread of the aforementioned virus.

Till now, many different research laboratories and pharmaceutical companies proclaimed to have found the treatment for the novel coronavirus.

However, most of the claims were from the countries who were already being blamed for the spread of the virus, and such early discovery of the effective treatment could strengthen the conspiracy theories, as experts believe that the development of vaccine or some effective treatment will take 12 to 18 months.

But now, few other countries too have claimed that they have developed vaccines. The most recent development in this was the claim by Korea.

However, the recent claim by United Arab Emirates (UAE), has got world’s attention towards it, as the facts mentioned by the UAE’s government representative are satisfactory.

But we may expect that this will give birth to new conspiracy theories, as according to our research, the institute (ADSCC) which is being credited for the discovery of the treatment was founded right before the spread of pandemic, i.e March 2019.

An innovative and promising treatment for COVID-19 infection using stem cells, has been developed by the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Emirati government official announced.

The United Arab Emirates’ Director of Strategic Communications, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hend Al Otaiba, believes that it could be a game changer in the global fight against the virus.

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While making announcement via twitter, it was declared as “breakthrough treatment for COVID-19” by her.

UAE itself is badly hit by the pandemic. On Friday, it had 13,038 confirmed cases of COVID-19, and 111 deaths.

2,543 people have recovered till now. Among these were the people, upon whom trials for the newly developed treatment by The Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center were performed.

According to Hend Al Otaiba, “The treatment has already successfully undergone an initial phase of clinical trials – with 73 patients making full recoveries without any adverse side effects. The recipients were moderately or severely ill before treatment, with many intubated in an ICU.”

More trials are being conducted too. She tweeted, “More trials are being conducted and we should have a clearer understanding of the treatment’s potential in the coming weeks, but it could have a significant impact on our ability to live with the virus until a vaccine is available.”

While elucidating the working method of the novel treatment, she tweeted, “The Abu Dhabi Stem Cells Center (ADSCC) has developed an innovative method which involves extracting stem cells from a patient’s blood and reintroducing them into the lungs via inhalation of a mist, regenerating lung cells and preventing the immune system from overreacting.”

She appreciated the efforts of ADSCC and other teams working continuously for the development of a vaccine. In her last tweet regarding this development, she wrote, “The ADSCC effort is one of around 60 significant studies in the UAE aiming to produce COVID-19 treatments and improve testing, in line with the UAE Government’s determination to mobilize the country’s resources towards overcoming the virus.”

While looking for ADSCC, we could not find any previous works by this institution, however, its inception right before the spread of coronavirus in China, makes us think about the other possible facet of the story too.



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