Retro Fitness and Jude Children’s Research Hospital Shake Hands for a Better Step towards Childhood Cancer

Retro Fitness and Jude Children’s Research Hospital Shake Hands for a Better Step towards Childhood Cancer

Retro Fitness, one of the leading competitors of high-end gymnasiums in the world aims to work for a better future for the young generation. Therefore, they have announced to collaborate with St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital’s new mission i.e to ‘find a cure and save children’. Retro Fitness at the beginning of February 2020 began a program of fundraising, encouraging all club-related people to make maximum contributions throughout the year.

Retro Fitness Agenda to GET REAL

Retro Fitness community (members, owners, and employees) owes to work for their agenda to ‘GET REAL’ by practicing philanthropy. Every Retro Fitness club will work together for a good cause, despite the fact that each is operated individually. With the help of a number of franchises, they have already begun the Love in Club Donation Campaign this February and more is about to come.

Retro Fitness has started selling co-branded t-shirts and reusable water bottles. They have decided to contribute 10% of the purchasing money to the needy. This will in the future help reduce stress in many families and promote good living.

Now there is no need for the families to worry about their child’s treatment, traveling, food, and clothes expenses as St.Jude ensures that the needy ones will never receive a bill from their side. All they need to do is to try their level best to let their child live longer in peace.

Furthermore, members will be invited to add monthly donations to their membership payments that will go directly to St. Jude. To give this initiative a boost, club members will be invited to join the walk/run event in St.Jude that will take place in 61 markets. They will also be asked to participate in club vs club donations and Retro Blends Smoothie donations.

Status of Retro Fitness and St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in World

Alfano, the CEO of Retro Fitness, exclaims how his company has always been dedicated and has worked for the communities where their clubs are located. He said it was easy to convince his members and team through several programs offered to work to GET REAL and philanthropy.

Retro Fitness says they would not have found a better partner than St. Jude to fight against the most concerning issue of the society – increase in the rate of childhood cancer.

There are more than 150 gymnasiums in the United States, but none of them compel to compete with Retro Fitness. They offer wide exposure under one roof. Retro Fitness gives the best possible weight training equipment and classes. The cardio machines are attached to personal training screens. They give the option of choosing individual or group training, special smoothie bar, area for the supervision of children, and much more.

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Retro Fitness is helping St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to promote its cause of ‘Finding cures’. ‘Saving children’. St. Jude’s main aim is to help people better understand prioritize health and life of their children and the increasing rate of cancer; not only cancer but other deadly diseases too. Since its opening, it has increased the survival rate from childhood cancer from 20% to 80%. St. Jude is the only National Cancer Institute working solely for children.

The institution will not stop its newly made initiative until every patient entering the hospital leaves alive and healthy. St. Jude is happy and always devoted to helping children in other parts of the world too by sharing their discoveries and research. They ask parents to only care about their child’s health and not worry about other necessities as it will be fulfilled by the hospital itself.

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