WHO reports mistreatment to the women during delivery

WHO reports mistreatment to the women during delivery

A recent report by WHO on four under-developing countries of Africa and Asia reveals mistreatment to the women during delivery. More than one-third of women in these areas are experiencing extreme by the health care centers.

The risk of mistreatment is higher in uneducated and younger women. This mistreatment includes physical abuse like slapping, mocking, and punching. The rate of nonconsensual c-section, episiotomies (surgical cuts at the vagina during childbirth) was also greater. Moreover, even the unmarried women experience this ill during any vaginal examination from the healthcare workers.

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In 2018, 8 October the study was published in the journal “Lancet”. According to it, in countries like Ghana, Guinea, Nigeria and Myanmar midwives mistreated the women and give them surgical cuts at the vagina without any painkiller.

WHO aimed to develop the guidelines that promote maternity care to women during the delivery time in the health care center. It will ensure the dignity, respect, confidentiality, and privacy to the women and will make them free from harm and any mistreatment.

Greater risk of physical and verbal abuse

In 2014 a cross-sectional study was designed that includes 2,016 women from low-income countries. The study revealed the level of mistreatment of women during labor and childbirth.

According to the researchers, within these 2,016 participants, 35 were having c-sections without their consent. 190 episiotomies accrued in the women without informing them, 59% of women had the vaginal examination without consent, 752 women experienced verbal abuse, shouting, scolding and mocking. Also, 11 women from these were a victim of discrimination typically for their race and ethnicity.

Polices for the mistreatment during the childbirth

To manage the mistreatment during the delivery time, there should be clear policies about women’s rights. These policies will ensure the accountability of the health care system. The resources must be enough and at a suitable place to provide immediate care to the mothers and to make them feel comfortable.

1: According to the needs of women, labor wards must be redesigned.

2: Consent process for c-sections or any other examination must be improved

3: Heath care workers and midwives should get proper training.

4: Allowing women the right to have compassion and love at the time of childbirth

5: Introducing a public demand for good quality maternity services that do not allow abusing or any mistreatment to the women.

Professional associations have a very important role in encouraging the midwives, maternity care providers, and other staff to provide better care and respect to the women at the time of delivery. With the help of these entitles WHO aimed to develop the validated tools to measure the mistreatments during the childbirth

By defining the polices WHO wants to ensure that all the women have positive experiences during pregnancy and childbirth. Eventually, it will empower the health care system across the world.


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