Facebook restores breast cancer awareness video after taking it down for nudity

Facebook restores breast cancer awareness video after taking it down for nudity

Facebook recently takes down a breast cancer awareness video over nudity concerns. It left everyone including Roisin Foster the chairperson for Cancer Focus Northern Ireland in a complete shock. The video was using a plastic model and no real person for demonstration purpose. Later, Facebook apologized and restored the educational video.

The Facebook Page of Cancer Focus thanks their supporters for helping to restore the video and making it available online again. Here is a link to it. 

What was inside the video?

Cancer Focus, Northern Ireland made a video using a plastic model for helping women to check their breasts. It was an infographic display of signs and symptoms for breast cancer. Note that breast cancer is a highly prevalent cancer in women.

The biggest reason for late diagnosis is that many women especially the older women cannot understand a change in their body especially breast. That is why awareness campaigns often use a model to teach them how to self examine your breasts from time to time.

The video was a part of Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October. The broadcaster Rebecca McKinney featuring how to self check your breasts presented it. As soon as the video reaches to the Facebook page of the event, it was taken down with a message

“Some audiences are sensitive to different things when it comes to nudity.”

Upon the sheer reaction from the campaign holders and general users, Facebook released a statement in which they called it a “mistake” and then the video was restored.

It is understandable that adult nudity is not allowed on Facebook. But the exceptions for the educational and medical content should be there to promote awareness for certain causes i.e. breast cancer awareness in women.

The response from the Cancer Focus

Roisin Foster, chief executive of Cancer Focus, NI finds it an inaccurate thing to say that removal of this video was an error. It wasn’t showing on the Facebook page while attempting to upload it. Also, it was turned down as a paid for advert, shares Roisin.

Later, Facebook informs the page for the video to be outside its standard. It is indeed a pity to see this coming from a big media name like Facebook. However, later on, Facebook looked to the professional nature, educational and medical info of the video and restored it. Cancer Focus NI is sure that it will get maximum views and thousands of women would get a benefit from it.

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Whole this incident is surprising and shocking for everyone in Cancer Focus. The organization works by educating women for self-checking for signs and symptoms of breast cancer. It is to reduce the late diagnosis and complications of breast cancer. One of the reasons breast cancer is not under control is that women aren’t aware of the breast changes other than a lump. With such awareness videos, it gets easier to check themselves properly.

Breast cancer is so common in Northern Ireland that 1,300 women here are diagnosed with breast cancer every year. More than 80% of these women are over the age of 50. That is why these types of awareness campaigns and basic education of signs and symptoms is necessary. In this regard, the video is utterly inoffensive, instructing and educational.



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