Jessica Simpson shares her post pregnancy weight loss story on Instagram

Jessica Simpson shares her post pregnancy weight loss story on Instagram

This week, Jessica Simpson, the famous singer has shared her shocking 100-pound post pregnancy weight loss journey on her Instagram account. She delivered a baby girl on March 19th and ever since, she is focusing on her health and fitness. In her post, Jessica shares with her fans that she has dropped nearly 100 pounds in six months. This is an unbelievable weight loss transformation and real inspirations for all moms to be.

This week, she shared a post on her Instagram wearing an all-black dress with a caption saying. “Six months, 100 pounds down”. This is her third pregnancy and her transformation is a great work of dedication, motivation and hard work.

The singer shares how she felt that this post-pregnancy weight loss was impossible for her. Her new pictures and message of weight loss journey is a piece of big news not just for her followers but every woman. Her post received more than half a million likes less than 24 hours.

The comments under the post show applause from her close friends and family members. The appreciation is noticeable from comments like singer’s brother in law and fashion designer Evan Ross writing “U look amazing sis.” Another comment from Katie Couric says “You look amazing!! A comment from Gwyneth Paltrow says “Unstoppable”.

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The pressure on a woman to lose post-pregnancy weight is a lot and it starts even before the pregnancy. Considering a celebrity getting pregnant, the expectations often reach to unrealistic standards. Not many people know that this takes full-time trainers, chefs, and sometimes even the surgeries too. In the case of Simpson, she is open and transparent with all her fans and followers which is why she shares her dramatic weight fluctuations during all three pregnancies.

Although Jessica looks great regardless of how much does she weight, it is good to see that she is comfortable in it. She understands the significance of fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Probably that is why she is working so hard and following a healthy diet to get her best shape back.

Earlier this year, in July, she said that combination of a healthy diet and cardio is working well for her. It is never easy for anyone and for a celebrity like Simpson who has millions of fans worldwide, the pressure to look “slimmer” is maximum.

In this celeb world, everyone has this load on her shoulder. Earlier, Pippa Middleton stunned the world in a white bikini after just two months of delivery. Adding to the list, Keyna Moore, Carrie Underwood, Jana Kramer, and Kate Upton have worked amazing on their post-pregnancy bodies. Despite the fact that celebrities have easy access to diets, dieticians, fitness trainers etc, they need the motivation to make all this happen. It is something that all new mothers or soon to be mothers can follow.


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