Beckett Strong’s Post has gone Viral with Above 28000 Shares on Social Media

Beckett Strong’s Post has gone Viral with Above 28000 Shares on Social Media

Burge, a mother of three posted some childhood cancer pictures of his son Beckett. Her post has gone viral which shows a 5-year-old sister supporting his 4-year-old brother in his darkest phase of life. The post does not only highlight the super-strong bonding of the siblings but also teaches about the sufferings of childhood cancer.

Childhood cancer does not affect that particular individual but the whole family. A picture of Beckett and his sister Aubrey has gone viral with 28,000 shares since 3rd of September.

What does ‘Beckett Strong’ Facebook post say?

Katlin Burge speaks her heart out in her Facebook post. She says, “One thing they don’t tell you about childhood cancer is that it affects the entire family.”

She questions the people, “You always hear about the financial and medical struggles, but how often do you hear about the struggles families with other children face?”

Burge explains how disturbing and heartbreaking it is for the whole family seeing one of its members suffering. She talks about the emotions of her 4-year-old son and Beckett’s elder sister Aubrey who continuously supported her little sibling.

Aubrey most of times wondered as to why his brother was not going to school with him and why her family did not go to parks and splash pads. Miss Burge in her post explains beautifully the emotions of a little girl who is devastated at the sight of 15 months old younger brother than her.

Burge posted the photos on a page named “Beckett Strong”. She made this when Beckett was diagnosed with cancer in April 2018.

Acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) is the most common type of leukemia found among the children. It holds 30% chances of cancer. The disease attacks the body white blood cells lymphocytes. Lymphocytes are responsible for engulfing the foreign particles which enter the body.

According to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), bone marrow gets defected and makes immature lymphocytes. Thus it makes difficult for the body to fight infections.

Symptoms of the disease may include severe anemia, recurrent fevers, abdominal, joint and bone pain. Bleeding and bruising are also one of the symptoms of acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Its treatment is only available in 3 states. The treatment consists of blood transfusion, radiation or chemotherapy, antibiotics, and bone marrow transplant.

How was Beckett diagnosed with cancer?

It was 23rd April 2018 when Beckett’s daycare called Burge and informed her about his son’s fever. When Burge took Beckett to the doctor, he diagnosed him with an ear infection and prescribed him antibiotics.

The pediatrician also told her to contact the emergency room if the symptoms do not improve. The very next day Beckett’s fever rose to 104 and he was immediately sent to Children’s Health in Plano.

Burge in her post tells how she was expecting it to be an ear infection or damaged eardrum but an hour later nurse told her something else. Burge was shown the CT scan of Beckett’s left lung and hemoglobin and white blood cells count.

Beckett had pneumonia in his left lung. Moreover, his red blood cell count was 5.5 while the white blood cell count was just 150,000. The pediatrician then informed Miss Burge that Beckett had cancer.

In the same post, Beckett tells she did not know what leukemia is and what she only knows was that her son had cancer and cancer can be never good.

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Beckett was then shifted to a hospital in Dallas as he was also suffering from pneumonia and acute respiratory failure in his left lung.

His few days in ICU made his condition better. Thus, he was then transferred to the pediatric unit. His treatment is expected to end in August 2021.

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