Woman Living With a Shocking “WiFi Allergy”

Woman Living With a Shocking “WiFi Allergy”

A woman is living with a unique health condition, commonly famous as ‘WiFi allergy’ or electromagnetic hypersensitivity syndrome (EHS).

. She sleeps in a copper sleeping bag and avoids going out especially to the hi-tech sites in urban areas.

Meet Rosi Gladwell who has electromagnetic fields sensitivity. This condition makes her sensitive to WiFi and needs extreme care in order to protect herself. She is terrified of electromagnetic radiations and never used them. Rosi says that

electromagnetic radiation from wireless internet makes her feel sick. Her symptoms include weakness, difficulty in breathing, getting pins and needles like sensation in her face.

The 70-year-old, lives at Totnes, Devon, completely avoiding gadgets hoping she is protecting herself. However, her health strategies are costing her a hefty amount. She uses a £200 hand-held radiation detector to find any emissions around her. She can only sleep in her £400 sleeping bag of silver and copper. Also, she wraps herself in a protective sheet for extra care.

She avoids going out especially to the city side. Whenever her WiFi allergy symptoms go worse, she takes two-day TV detox. It helps her to some extent but despite all the efforts, she is unsure of 5G being any good to her. She says the introduction of 5G internet will probably kill her.

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How is she managing herself?

Right now she is living in the countryside, which is somehow a good thing. There are less electromagnetic frequencies there. However, if the telecom industries introduce 5G there, she is unsure of where would she go.

It is interesting that Rosi has self-diagnosed this WiFi allergy, six years ago. She says that she feels better after turning off the WiFi, TV and cordless landline phone in her house. Since this diagnosis, she spends most of her time in her house along with her husband in Andalusia. She even wears the sleeping bag for the 30-hour ferry trip across the Mediterranean to protect herself.

Rosi is a part of the campaign which educates people about the side effects of WiFi and other electromagnetic devices. Three years ago, she filed an appeal in the village of Polopos, Granada to cut the WiFi. She has even met the mayor regarding this matter. But all this makes her look weird in the eyes of other people, Rosi shares.

Is EHS a real thing?

EHS is an extremely rare sensitivity. It represents a condition with multiple symptoms without any specific cause. The symptoms include physical and mental such as headache, nausea, vomiting, palpitations, increased heartbeat, fatigue, rashes, confusion, memory problems, and panic attacks.

Researches believe that these symptoms are real and the international health community finally agrees to recognize it as a disease. Some studies suggest that EHS has no clear link with electromagnetic or radio-frequency signals. Despite the cases, the World Health Organization doesn’t believe that there is any reason that causes EHS. Read the report here.

All these contradictory statements on EHS doesn’t mean that everyone should stop using WiFi. But it also doesn’t mean that WiFi and other electromagnetic radiation emitting devices are 100% safe. It needs long-term research to answer all questions and explain the link between radiations and symptoms that they are allegedly causing.




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