The Viral Instagram post endorsing Celery Juice to treat chronic diseases

The Viral Instagram post endorsing Celery Juice to treat chronic diseases

In a recent viral post by Instagram, influencer says that drinking celery juice can treat all chronic diseases. This influencer has multiple brands and celebrities endorsements but he isn’t a qualified person to make medical statements. Many of his other posts talk about the medicinal effects of vegetables and fruits without mentioning any backup source or research.

Celery juice is a green healthy juice, which is famous as one of the healthy beverages during the diet. It tastes raw and has minimum calories in it. It has high amounts of vitamin K and other necessary vitamins and minerals, which make most of its benefits.

These health benefits of celery juice aren’t ignorable but this current claim of it treating chronic diseases is BIG. This type of information requires scientific backing or endorsement from health experts. Watching these influencing posts getting viral even the medical experts are worried that people are taking advice from nonqualified medical professionals.

Source: Instagram

Who has started this trend?

All this started with a person who likes to call himself “Medical Medium”. But his real name is Anthony William. His Instagram page has more than 2 million and Facebook page has more than 3.4 million followers. There are many celebrities which support and follow him including the famous tennis star Novak Djokovic. The guy was on TV shows too that includes Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

His posts on Instagram posts are like “Celery helps cure fibromyalgia” and “Raspberries remove viral debris from the bloodstream.” He even writes that celery juice can relieve you from cancer and diabetes.

This website and social media accounts are linked with a business that offers books that have hit The New York Times bestseller list. It earns through profitable affiliate marketing links. None of their work adds a medical professional or a health professional at all.

In response to this Dr Austin Chiang, a successful gastroenterologist from Philadelphia shares a video message on his own YouTube channel, that these posts by Medical Medium have no scientific background. Also, such posts may cause distress in patients.

Source: Facebook

The response from the influencer

Anthony William openly admits that he is not a medically qualified person. He says that all this information that he shares come from “a spirit.” There is a viral video on YouTube in which he shares his childhood experiences of hearing a voice, which he calls as spirit. He is sure that God talks to him and that’s how he is able to know the hidden benefits of these natural things.

Interestingly, his website uses a disclaimer saying that any information from the website is a “promise of benefits”

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What do experts say on these posts?

Health experts believe that this information lacks valid evidence. Considering this, this influencer is spreading false information, which may put patients at risk. A healthy diet with fruits, vegetables, and moderate exercise gives more benefits than eating just one fruit or vegetable religious.

It is common to see patients rushing to the emergency as a result of something that they saw on the internet. The home remedies may not work on everyone. And anything that has no scientific grounds shows a clear risk of side effects. There is tons of information on health that is authentic and verified by research and clinical studies.  Somehow, it is the user’s responsibility to evaluate this information before following it.




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