Kansas health chief confirms 9th death in US due to vaping

Kansas health chief confirms 9th death in US due to vaping

Kansas health chief confirms another death today which makes overall 9 deaths in the US due to vaping. The health officials from all states are trying to find how vaping can cause death in users. People are drying from vaping and every coming day brings more people at risk. The common thing between all these cases is serious lung injuries leading to death.

Here is a press release from the office of Governor confirming death news

Kansas Department of Health and Environment Secretary Dr. Lee Norman has released a video message on the official website. He states that vaping didn’t seem to have such negative health effects, in fact, many people switched to vape to get off nicotine addiction. Little they knew that vaping is equally damaging for lungs as cigarette or maybe more. It is still not clear that why vaping is causing deaths in its users.

Details about the latest death

Talking about the latest fatality, he was a Kansas citizen of over 50 years of age. The officials confirm him having a few old age-related underlying conditions in a press release to announce the death. However there are no details available for e-cigarette product, device type, and materials he smoked. Most of these people experience similar symptoms including cough, breath issues, nausea, vomiting, chest pain, abdominal pain, inflammation of throat and fever.

The physician handling this case finds that the patient recently switched to vape. Among all 9 deaths, five are male and four are females. A surprising thing is that they varied from 17 to 67 years age so age is not a risk factor here.

How vaping causes death?

Vaping uses oils that are similar to Vitamin E acetate. There are chances that this may contain heavy metals, acting as poison for lungs. However, there is no proof of this assumption.

Nearly 530 people from all across the US are suffering from chronic lung diseases related to vaping. More than half of them under the age of 25 as reported by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most of these people have confirmed using a mixture of vape oils and other products such as nicotine, CBD and THC.

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Dr. Lee Norman, from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment, finds “e-cigarettes to be unregulated”. She explains that no manufacturer explains what is actually inside a vape oil so it is hard to find the probable cause of vape related deaths.

The state officials advise to go through CDC’s guideline on vaping and avoid e-cigarette products while investigating these deaths.

Note- If you suspect a similar type of illness and are using a vape, set an appointment at your nearest healthcare facility right away.



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