How Microbes Influence Colorectal Cancer Development?

How Microbes Influence Colorectal Cancer Development?

Cancers are one of the most leading diseases in the world. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, colorectal cancer is the third leading cause of deaths in the United States of America.

Knowing the percentage risk factor of developing cancer may increase the chances of survival and better treatment plans. However, it is one of the difficult tasks. Researchers up till now have discovered a few links like the connection between lung cancer and smoking. Other links yet needed to be discovered.

The recent research has found a link between gut bacteria and colorectal cancer. Being the third most leading cause of death among Americans, both males and females have a 65% 5-year survival rate.

The link between the two is not a simple one. As every person has a different combination of microbiomes in their body, thus everyone shows different risk for colorectal cancer.

The findings of the study appear in the “Medical Microbiology” and are available online to view. Click here to read it. 

Certain toxins of bacteria increase the risk of cancer

Researchers from Brazil’s Federal University of Vicosa studied the pre-existing studies to find any leading link between the two. There are also many pre-existing studies which have worked on the specific type of microbes and risk of colorectal cancer.

Mainly there are 3 ways by which bacteria could affect the risk of colorectal cancer development. Lead study author, Dr. Sandra dos Reis hopes to make this study useful for the early diagnosis of cancer.

In an interview, she explains how useful microbiota is. It can be used in forming new ways of treating and preventing diseases. It is because the composition of microbiota varies from person to person due to many factors. The factors include diet, use of probiotics and prebiotics.

Their first research was related to gut inflammation. Researchers found that gut bacteria which are responsible for inflammation are also linked with cancer growth.

They along these lines propose that individuals living with incessant gut inflammation are progressively prone to cancer.

The researchers additionally propose that bacteria that produce poisons and cancer-causing agents could be triggers. Certain bacteria, including Escherichia coli, discharge atoms that stick to cells covering the colon, influencing cell division.

One of the results could be the abnormal division of cells leading one to cancer. E. coli, B. fragilis, and Clostridium are cancer-causing agents.

Researchers reviewed a study in which they studied a tumor called an adenoma.

During the study, the audit found that large amounts of a bacterium called Fusobacterium brought about an individual being 3.5 occasions bound to develop adenomas in the colon. Whenever left untreated, adenomas can transform into cancer.

Researchers noted that Fusobacterium is probably not going to be present in a sound gut. Thus making it a matter of interest for future research and analysis.

The need of friendly gut bacteria

Dr. dos Reis and the rest of the team found that some of the bacteria help in reducing the risk of cancer. These bacteria are the ones which produce butyric acid.

Dr. Sandra dos Reis explains how butyric acid has the potential to produce resistance in tumor development. The butyric acid-producing bacteria provides the body with an extra shield of care.

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A human gut plays an important role in protecting the body. Thus, by considering this fact, one should consume more probiotics. Yogurt, pickles, and some types of cheese are healthy foods that contain probiotics.

In conclusion, these discoveries are only the initial step of a long venture. A lot more investigation is needed before specialists can say that the link between microbes and cancer is strong and before it is conceivable to use the microbiome to help cancer finding and treatment.

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