Old People Can Benefit from Exercise like Athletes of Similar Age

Old People Can Benefit from Exercise like Athletes of Similar Age

sExercise is beneficial for everyone and at every age and it is never too late for anyone to start the exercise. Old people are capable of doing exercise like athletes of their age. A recent study by the University of Birmingham proves that people from any age group can get a benefit from resistant strength exercises.

Can Older People Build Muscles?

The researchers compared two groups of adult men to conclude the results. The first group included master athletes of ages between 70 and 80. The second group included people of a similar age group who had never participated in any structured exercise.

All the participants were given an isotope tracer. Isotope tracer is a heavy water drink. They carry out a single bout of exercise on a machine. The researchers took a sample of the muscle tissues of participants to examine how muscles respond before and after exercise. The muscle biopsies were able to examine the muscles over a period of 48 hours.

The drink was used to see how proteins develop within the muscles. The researchers were amazed at how the results came out unexpectedly. They had actually expected to have better muscle building results for the athletes. They thought that the reason behind will be the difference in fitness levels. However, both groups showed the same results. This proved that even healthy old people have the dame capability of building muscles with exercise.
The study proves that there is no need of being in the practice of exercise. Older people can also build muscles by following the exercise by athletes. Dr. Leigh Breen, the lead researcher also said that exercise can be started anytime as age does not matter for it.

Although the benefits of starting an exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle can never be denied. It still is never too late if you did not exercise early in life, the study says. Exercise can delay age-related health problems and build strong muscles again.

How To Muscle Strength in Old Age?

Gaining muscle strength is important. Therefore, advice should be given for improving muscle strength through regular activities. Such activities include walking up and down the stairs, gardening, and lifting grocery bags. All this will help in building up strong muscles and regain overall body strength. These activities are out of the gym setting but are proven effective.
Physical activity itself works as a medicine for aged people. Exercise keeps all the functions healthy and working. So, the study has proved that it is never too late to start with exercise.

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In the early ’80s and ’90s, people thought that lifting weight would damage the joints of old people. However, it was a misconception. There is no such fact proving that this can true. In fact, lifting weight can actually strengthen muscles and bones. There is no inflammatory response from exercising in old age. The study shows more benefits for people with osteoporosis and rheumatoid arthritis.

To sum up, strength training works on everyone regardless of age. There are no adverse effects or joint complications reported. This study has proved the myth wrong that old people can not do exercise like athletes of their own age. It is healthy at every age as it provides several health benefits.


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