Limiting sugary drinks lowers the cancer risk

Limiting sugary drinks lowers the cancer risk

Limiting the intake of sugary drinks, one can minimize the risk of cancer. A study in “BMJ journal shows that increased usage of sugary drinks can lead to cancer growth.

So, by restricting the use of these drinks, there can be a reduction in the number of total cancer cases.

Consumption of sugary drinks can progress to obesity

Sugary drinks are also known as soft drinks. It includes any drink or beverage with added sugar in it. It may also have artificial sweeteners.

Some of the sugary drinks are soda, pop, cola, limeade, and fruit punch. Energy and sports drinks also belong to this category.

Sugary drinks contain a large number of calories and sugar. Intake of these drinks has increased in the past few years due to increased marketing and urbanization.

Sugary drinks don’t give the feeling of fullness as solid foods and provide too many calories, but no other nutrients.

The people consuming these drinks should limit their food intake to compensate for high calories. Not controlling one’s caloric intake for a long time can lead to weight gain and obesity.

Obesity can lead to many chronic diseases, like diabetes, CVDs, and many types of cancers. So, limiting sugary drinks can minimize cancer risk.

In a healthy person, cells grow and divide according to the needs of the body. But in cancer cells, the case is quite different.

The cancer cells continue to divide without dying. These cells don’t mature and are unable to perform their function.

As cancer cells continue to divide, they form a tumor. As a tumor gets bigger, it can spread to the other tissues leading to different types of cancers.

Daily intake of sugary drinks increases the risk of cancer

A research team in France studied the relation of sugary drinks with the risk of cancer. The study included 79 % of women and 21 % men. On average, having an age of 42 years.

The study involved a follow up for nine years. The research team instructed the members to fill online dietary questionnaires. That included questions related to the intake of 3300 different foods and drinks (sugary drinks or diet beverages).

On average, the daily intake of these sugary drinks was more in men than in women. That was 74.6mL in case of women and 90.3mL for men.

During the follow-up period, the research team verified 2193 reported cases of cancer using medical records. The mean age for cancer diagnosis was 59 years.

The results indicate that a 100 mL daily intake of sugary drinks increases the overall risk of cancer by 18%. While the risk of breast cancer increases by 22%.

Later, the research team split the sugary drinks into two groups: fruit juices and the other sugary drinks. Both groups were contributing to an increased risk of overall cancer.

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On the other hand, diet beverages had no link with the risk of cancer. Still interpreting these results requires caution, keeping in mind the low intake of these drinks in the participants.

A few reasons for these results may include effects of the sugars in sugary drinks on BGL, and fat around vital organs. All of these reasons lead to an increase in the risk of cancer.

Additives in some drinks like soda may also play a role in cancer onset. All of this data proves that one should follow current nutritional guidelines and limit sugary drinks. As limiting sugary drinks and restricting their marketing minimizes the cancer risk.







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