Using Crushed Eggshells May Improve Bone Health- Study Shows

Using Crushed Eggshells May Improve Bone Health- Study Shows

With the passage of time, there is an increase in research on different areas of health. For instance, there are now more studies on bone health than ever before. This is a fairly important step as there are also more cases of bone issues in today’s lifestyles.

The strength of the bones naturally reduces as a person undergoes the process of aging. There is nothing unusual or new to weak bones especially in people who are over fifty. However, this does not mean that there can be no prevention of bone disorders and issues.

In fact, researchers look for more ways to avoid osteoporosis and other bone complications. Research on bone health may not only be significant for older adults but also for younger people.

In addition to older age groups, there are also incidents that lead to bone damage in the younger ones. This may also be due to deficiencies causing weak bones and many other factors.

To have better bone health and recover from such damage, researchers are looking at various methods. For instance, a new study looks at growing new bone tissues in people with poor bone health.

The study by the researchers at the University of Massachusetts looks at how eggshells can help in bone recovery. Previously, crushed eggshells have been used in ancient methods for the healing of bones.

However, this may not be hygienic and may cause infections due to bacteria present on eggshells. The researchers solve this problem by making another medium to use eggshell in re-growing bone tissues. The findings of the study appear in the journal Biomaterial Sciences.

Read the study here.

What Was the Research Methodology?

Bone health is particularly important since a person may not be able to perform as good without it. With the higher than ever number of bone issues and damage, such a study was a need of the time.

In the study, the researchers mainly conducted in-vivo and laboratory experiments. For the tests, a model of lab rodents was used.

The main process includes finely crushing egg shells. These are beneficial for bone health in humans because they are made of calcium carbonate. So, the researchers mixed them with hydrogel mixture.

What Was the Result?

By doing so, they obtained a frame for the formation of a new bone. This will further help in the development of bone issues. Secondly, it may also cut down the time bone tissues take to harden.

According to the team, this may particularly be helpful in bone grafting. Bone grafting is a type of surgery where a new bone is attached to the end of a damaged one. This allows for tissues to develop and the injury to heal faster.

For now, the research was confined to lab mice, but the researchers are hopeful that it may also work in humans. The only difference would be they would use bone tissues from the person needing bone repair. This will ensure the new developing bone tissues match and not get rejected.

In the future, the treatment may be available to humans. It will not only be beneficial for bone health but also for the environment. As the researchers themselves say, their study fulfills the clinical needs and helps with the wasted eggshells.

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