Research Shows Significant Increase in Suicides in United States

Research Shows Significant Increase in Suicides in United States

A survey by the CDC showed a remarkable increase in suicides in the United States. After that, American scientists were concerned to know the reasons and causes behind this.
The highest mortality rate in the USA was recorded during World War 2. Due to the uncertain war circumstances, this increase may be somehow justifiable. War is one of the biggest emotional triggers that may end up leaving a person unstable.

The increase is highest since 1999

This time, the increase in suicide rate in United States has different reasons. The statistics reveal that the suicidal rate never dropped since 1999. As for the survey from 2017, this rate is recorded as 33 % higher than the number of suicides in 1999.
It means 10 people in every 100,000 people from the age group 15 years to 64 years committed suicide before 1999. Now, this number has reached to 16 people per 100,000 people. This data is provided by the most recent report of the National Center for Health Statistics.
Considering the reports of only one year, then in 2016, approximately 45,000 American citizens committed suicide, which is a huge number. The suicidal rate is higher in a few states and low in others.
Now the researchers are working to find the racial factor, which may affect the suicidal tendencies.

This rate is extremely high in women in all ethnic groups. This overall increase is somewhat 139 %.
On the other side, the suicidal rate in men is also increasing. The increase in men’s death rate is nearly to 71 %.
All ethnic groups and races show an alarmingly high suicidal rate as per demographical data. But there was only one ethnic group with no increase at all. The Pacific Islanders and Asians are the races, which do not show any increase in suicides.

What has caused this increase?

Dr. Deborah Stone is very keen to look at the cause of this increase in suicides in United States. She says that it is difficult to name just one cause, which may end up on suicide. However, some contributing factors include relationship issues, economic and financial hurdles, and mental instability.
US the states with a strong rural history, still lack the power to handle economic issues. Thus, making it difficult to put up with the current trends, people give up to stress and pressure.
Another reason that may add is the lack of training of mental health professionals. The government should take necessary steps for people battling with mental disorders and stress to seek help.

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