Denial of Abortion Affects the Mental Health of Women, Says Research

A number of states in the United States of America are passing laws against abortion. In this era of equality, equity and women empowerment, it seems quite unfair to deprive women of these basic rights. Quite a number of bans have been reported in a number of states.

Approximately, 12 states in the United States have started implementation on this ban.

The government is banning abortions saying it’s healthier for women. But the cohort research study conducted on women has proved this wrong.

Significance of pregnancy in a woman’s life

To have a child or not to have a child is a very important decision of any woman’s life. It’s not only convenient but also healthy to have a planned pregnancy or else an abortion. The health of women who had abortion seemed much better than the women who were denied one.

This statement is supported by the Annals of Internal Medicine. They say that access to this basic necessity might not seem significant in the short term but is quite help in the long run. That means the after-effects of the procedure are quite beneficial for women.

The head researcher who is studying the effect of abortion, Lauren Ralph, from the University of California San Francisco, has spoken very aggressively about the matter. She has said that none of their facts or data collected supports any of the arguments which deny abortion access to women.

She says that stating abortion harmful or not beneficial for women body and health is not supported by any of their studies. However, Lauren Ralph has said that the benefits abortion could cause to woman’s physical health are supported by various researches.

How denial of abortive right affects the brain?

If that is not enough of a reason for allowing abortion, the governments should consider that how being restrained from abortion can cause serious harm. A research conducted on metal issues women go through, after being denied of abortion can be read here.

UC San Francisco’s driven study had a total of 1,132 women who participated in it. They were for some time after which they were subjected to an interview. They asked to rate their health in the interview. The women who were part of the study had a mixed background. Some of them had had an abortion while others had not.

In the interview, when they were asked to rate their health status, the results were equal. There was no significant difference in the physical health of the women who had abortion compared to those who had not as stated by the women themselves.

In another recent study, 161 women were taken who were denied of the abortions. Two women out of those women died due to complicated pregnancy or complicated childbirth. The rates of deaths during pregnancy and childbirth have increased by 0.1 %. One mother dies on the birth of every 1000 babies.

The researchers have regarded pregnancy as a stress test for a lifetime. If the women are not mentally prepared i.e. that it is an accidental pregnancy, then it will lead to further physical complications. To prevent such results is better, to reserve the right of abortion with women.





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