FDA approves a new Medicine for Improving Women’s Sex drive

FDA approves a new Medicine for Improving Women’s Sex drive

If a premenopausal woman feels that she has lost her sex drive leading to stress and discomfort, then it is not normal. It may show a medical condition- hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSSD).

For women like this, a pharmaceutical company has created a drug called Vyleesi to enhance the sex drive of women.

This drug is manufactured by a pharmaceutical company called AMAG Pharmaceuticals. The company AMAG Pharmaceuticals, have justified their case for creating this medicine by pointing out a survey.

The survey was although led by some drugmakers, said that hypoactive sexual desire disorder (HSSD) is the most common cause for reducing sex drive. They say that 1 out of every 10 women experiences this disorder.

The latest news on its use is that FDA, US Food and Drug Administration has given it a green flag. Thus, the drug has been labeled safe for women suffering from stress due to HSSD. It is the second medicine approved by them, which increases sexual desire. The first one was Viagra for men, inducing a similar effect.

How does Vyleesi effect women body?

Vyleesi is very easy and convenient for personal use. It doesn’t come with complex instruction. All the woman, suffering from the disorder, needs to do is, inject in the abdomen or thigh area with it. The effect of it will wear off but will take several hours before it happens.

The lead researcher hired by AMGA Pharmaceuticals has all the confidence in her product. This researcher at UMass Medical Memorial Center, Julia Johnson, said that the purpose of her new drug is not only to make the women sexually active.

Its purpose is to make them enjoy their sexual life. She said that it is also very appropriate, that you can administer its use according to the need. The only concern patients can have is that it is an injection, which can make some people nervous.

This drug, Vyleesi, basically targets the receptors of melanocortin, brain stimulate hormone. This part of the brain is in charge of sexual desires and hunger in men as well as women.

What are the apprehensions of people?

There are some limitations to this Drug controlling sexual urge in women. The manufacturers prevent heart patients to avoid using it. The drug also marks a prohibition for blood pressure patients. Its use during research trials has shown to increase the blood pressure rate in patients. Moreover, this patient who use oral naltrexone.

People are also saying that it is not the right approach to use this drug as the women might lack the urge for sex due to multiple reasons. The can be stressed about their relationship with their partner, this can be due to some mood disorder or some other physical condition.

So it can’t be justified that a patient is suffering from HSSD until diagnosed by a doctor.

Cynthia Pearson has asked women to not use it as full clinical trials haven’t been provided by AMAG. She says only to use it after its use is fully approved. Her reason is that the biggest drug makers have forsaken medicine that causes any sort of effect on blood pressure.



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