A Doctor Who is trying to Make Vaccine for Cancer

A Doctor Who is trying to Make Vaccine for Cancer

How amazing would it be if one could prevent cancer just by taking a vaccine for cancer? A number of diseases will finally have a prevention plan only if there is a vaccine of these diseases.

Some of them have vanished from the face of the earth, all thanks to vaccines. Measles, smallpox, polio all have been brought under control by the use of vaccines.

The process of vaccination is the ingestion of weak germs (of that particular disease) into the body. This makes the immune cells develop antibodies to fight that disease when it attacks the body for real.

The process of vaccination is very well explained by Elizabeth Cohen, (currently working in CNN), in a video.

Cancer, on the other hand, is a very lethal disease. The reported cases of cancer seem to be increasing, for quite some time. This chronic disease has killed 9.6 million people just one year, i.e. 2018. It’s not just that, the chronic monster has found a house in so many more people. 18.1 million New patients and cases have been registered.

An in-depth report on the drastic effects of Cancer can be read here.

The idea of having a vaccine for cancer seems very tempting, but despite trying it a number of times, there were no fruitful results. This is because of Cancer getting infectious. The disease infects the patients at the molecular level, thus can differ with every individual.

Vaccine for Cancer
Image is taken from “Theconversation”

Lot’s of people have worked in this area, yet have had no success. Eventually pushing them to let to go their desire of treating cancer with a vaccine. However, there is one person who has yet not lost hope in the vaccine being the treatment.

Stephen Johnston, a scientist and a researcher at the Arizona State University, still believes in Vaccines. Researchers have said that the mass of cancer mutates, with the body of the patient, thus vaccination won’t be effective. However, for Stephen, it is still worth to work on it. He believes if there is the slightest chance of making this technique applicable, the research should continue.

He is performing a very controlled trial in research centers, under strict surveillance. All such clinical trials take place under the approval of the FDA. After their approval, he is now working on dogs. He says if his experiment has a good impact on dogs, he will use the same technique, with few modifications on humans.

He has used dogs, because getting the approval on humans, would have had taken lots of resources as well as time. Thus, to save his time and efforts he has come up to use dogs.

If this approach works, it will not only benefit humans but will benefit the dogs who are part of the trial. As a large number of old dogs die of Cancer, this vaccine will give them a long and healthy life.

The vaccine for cancer works on the principle of muscle training. It goes inside the body and trains the immunity system to target the harmful and invading components in the body.

The vaccines that are already in the market only target the cause of cancer, rather than targeting cancer. They are very expensive and are not available to everyone.

Johnston wants his vaccine to not only treat causes of cancer but prevent its outbreak after it has been injected. He wants the prize to range from $100 to $500 dollars. But even if his experiment works in dogs, it is highly unlikely to get approval from the FDA for human use.

Thus, Johnston still has a long way to go to reach his goal. To see further possibilities for implementation of this idea read here.



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