How To Get Rid Of The Double Chin with exercises?

How To Get Rid Of The Double Chin with exercises?

Have you ever seen yourself in a mirror before going out and there is this double chin to freak you out? Despite all your special getting ready attempts, if there is something which just doesn’t look good on you, is your double chin.

Double chin is a clear indication of being overweight. It applies to both chubby and obese bodies but the pattern and thickness of both vary. There are other reasons of double chin too but the weight is the most basic and primary cause to have it.

It is highly undesirable and no one wants it. The efforts to get rid of it are very much in practice but not all of them are worth it. There most common way to help the double chin to leave your face is to follow the exercises which are specifically designed for this purpose. But to cure it, you first need to know the reason to have it.

Why do you have a double chin?

Double chin is something which can have one singular or a combination of multiple reasons. Some of the most common things to cause it are as follows.

  • Aging: Aging is a natural part of life in which each organ suffers. The skin loses its elasticity and lacks firmness. Once you are going through the aging process the skin of chin becomes saggy and it appears as a double chin. It really doesn’t matter if you are overweight or not.
  • Eating habits: Eating habits is not a direct but an indirect cause of double chin. Once you start eating the junk or processed food, it makes the body weight increase. An increased body weight initiates double chin.
  • The genetic makeup: This is a comparatively less common reason but when for certain people, it’s in genes to get certain diseases or problems. Double chin is also one of them. The primary reason behind it is the same that skin has lesser elasticity.
  • The body postures: Body postures are something which affects our muscular activity and appearance both. Sometimes poor postures contribute to affect the muscles of chin and neck. When it is prolonged, the chin starts giving the appearance of a double skin.

How to get rid of it?

There are many ways to control the appearance of the double chin. The most famous of all treatments is the self-conducted exercises which are thought to be muscle burning. It helps to get rid of the chin fat like it helps for other body parts. There is no evidence of it always working. However, it works for most of the people.

Never forget to warm up

Warming up is a common practice before a hard workout. It includes a warm up for the neck in which you rotate it gently with up, down, forward and back positions. This circular motion helps to refreshes the muscles of the neck.

Whistle at the ceiling

This is a particular exercise in which one sits with a straight back. The shoulders are set as relax. The head is tilted back to face the ceiling and lips are made in a position as that of whistling. The time period to hold is between 5 seconds to 20 seconds.

Kissing the sky

This is a similar exercise as that of the whistle at the ceiling. In this exercise, you have to stand still and tilt the head to look at the ceiling. Extend the head and make as posture like you are kissing the sky. Extend as high as possible and don’t go beyond the limit. It is helpful to be one between 5 seconds to 20 seconds repeatedly.

Stretch the Pout

Another helpful exercise is to make a pout stretch plan. You can either sit or stand. Make a high pout and tilt the chin towards chest while taking help from the upper back. Hold for 3 seconds at least and repeat It for 5 or 10 times.

Chew the gum

The less hard exercise is the chewing gum. Many of you must have heard it that chewing a gum can decrease the double chin. It is true. When you are chewing the gum, all muscle of the chin is in continuous action which causes the fat to burn.

Other treatments

Some other treatments are also helpful but that are either cosmetic or surgical. Some of them are as follows.

  • Face masks
  • Diet control/ Diet plans
  • Weight loss plans
  • Surgery




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