Cancer Survivors May Have a Better Memory– Research shows

Cancer Survivors May Have a Better Memory– Research shows

Cancer survivors may have a better memory than other people, says new research published by JAMA Internal Medicine. As you know, dementia is a common effect of old age. When people grow old their physical health is not the only factor that is impaired. Mental illness or destabilization is also a prominent symptom of deteriorating age.

When mental illnesses reach a level that it starts to restrict the daily functioning of our life, it is discussed under the term of Dementia.

The result of dementia is that the patient starts losing neurons or memory cells, due to which their memory is affected. The most common type of Dementia is Alzheimer.1 in every 10 individuals affected with Alzheimer’s are 65 years of age or above.

Nearly 5.8 million people are a victim of Alzheimer’s, just in the United States of America. It is also a rough estimate that a total of 200,000 individual are those who have been affected by this type of Dementia, who are not even 65 yet.

What advantage cancer survivors have on other people?

Different surveys and experiments have been performed on cancer survivors, and a collective conclusion is drawn from it. As per the research, it was witnessed by many of the researchers that cancer survivors’ have a comparatively better memory for a 65-year-old.

As it was not enough to surprise to the medical specialists’, new research came added to their shock. This new research said the people who developed cancer after 65, had a better memory at 65 than people who had never had cancer their whole life.

So the people who have been working on this research concerning Alzheimer patients and Cancer patients are quite positive. They have predicted that what so ever, becomes a reason for cancer or had caused cancer, also gives immunity to fight Alzheimer’s.

A group of elderly American people was tracked by the scientists, for a span of over 16 years. The results of the research proved, the people who were already diagnosed with cancer or developed cancer, later on, had a sharper memory than who were not diagnosed with it.

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Which mechanisms Protect Cancer Patients against Alzheimer’s?

Maria Glymour, professor at San Francisco School of Medicine, is very keen on knowing the mechanism behind this behavior of cancer patients.

As researches show this behavior by studying 14,500 adults in multiple periodic tests for memory function. All of these people in this experiment were 65 or more. The samples were from 1998 to 2014.

Of these 2,250 people, nearly 14,500 people had already been diagnosed with cancer. These people showed a better result on a memory test in comparison to cancer-free patients. One more thing that was of great interest that their memory cells destruction rate was much slower, in cancer survivors.

Glymour and her team are interested in finding the mechanism. This may lead scientists to cure dementia or Alzheimer’s. The research team has suggested an Enzyme PIN1, which can cause this effect.

It says that it is the same thing that makes cancer cells grow, stops the destruction of memory cells.


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