Garvan Driven Team Is Bent On Finding Treatment of a Peculiar Illnesses

Garvan Driven Team Is Bent On Finding Treatment of a Peculiar Illnesses

Doctors always come across cases or a case, at least once in a lifetime, where they feel alienated. They are forced to say that it is something they have never witnessed before. Certain medical complications lead to forms of illness that is one of their own kind. The illnesses are very rare so are their treatments and cures.

This is where this team comes into perspective. They could be regarded as spies or excellent detectives in the field of medicines. They take up the responsibility to solve the cases that other doctors or medical professionals are unable to solve. Not only solving, but other doctors or medical professional also might not even be able to identify or understand the illness and its reasons.

This Sydney based team comprises of geneticists, immunologists, neurologists and scientists who are best at their job. The team comprises of professionals from different specialties, so every one of them can look at these complex diseases and give a different perspective.

Each individuals’ conclusive points or arguments are then looked at by the whole team. So after adding on everyone’s research on the disease or sickness, they reach to the basis or cause of the problem.

This team of specialists’ is led by the Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Garvan itself is doing very progressive results. They want to be able to find solutions and cures to these complex life-threatening diseases. They want to be able to at a level where the disease can be prevented or cured even before the patient is subjected to its painful symptoms.

By now they have together taken up or looked into 100 of individuals with serious sicknesses. They basically take up individuals with complex illness and immune disorders and then derive a safe way out of that disease for them.

The 100 cases them choose were battle with chronic pains but up until now 40 of them have received a successful diagnosis from this team. They have discovered the cause of their painful experience and they are being treated for that. These 40 patients are satisfied with the treatment they are receiving for their illness.

Professor Stuart Tangye, who works with the Garvan Institute of Medical Research, has compared the work of this team with looking for a needle in a stack of hay. As when a patient with such a case comes to these doctors ask the patient for blood samples.

After they have received the blood samples, their whole DNA is a student. The team of these professional goes through the genome or genetic code of these patients. This way they are able to find the faulty gene or mutated gene that is causing all the complications in the immune system of these patients.

Stella Roux is one of those patients who have benefitted from this team of researchers. Stella was showing confusing symptoms from the age of 8 months.

She had continuous visits with the doctors but none of them could figure out the cause of these symptoms. After this team from Sydney took her in, they were finally able to understand the cause of all her complications. She has been diagnosed with ROCK8 Immunodeficiency disorder.

The treatment suggested for her condition is bone marrow, which is quite expensive. However, her parents are relaxed in a way that they know which direction to work in with their, rather than being clueless.


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