How Your Friend’s Circle Determines Your Mental and Physical Health

How Your Friend’s Circle Determines Your Mental and Physical Health

Our social and psychological connection has a whole lot of impact on our emotional and physical health. When it comes to mourn over our loss or rejoice over our achievements and success, it always convenient to have someone to share it with.

The loss doesn’t feel as painful if you have someone to share it with and achievements become more joyful with friends.

A recent article in the Public Library of Science journal (POLS), uses the role of the latest devices and technology in detecting the status of our health. We make suppositions using devices and latest apps.

We depend on Fitbit, to see if we met our daily requirement for walking, to be healthy. We address our stress levels through different medical devices. But according to this recent study of POLS, our stress levels, our mental health, and physical stability are determined by the quality and quantity of our friends’.

Previously, the students of the University of Notre Dame were studying the effect of human beliefs and religion on our social connections. Now they are interested in seeing the effect of our friends, our social circle on our physical and mental health.

The study illustrates that how having structured friends can impact your moods, happiness, and levels of stress.

The researchers who have been religiously working on this research are Nitesh V. Chawla and Frank M. Freiman. The professors of Engineering and Computer Science were curious about knowing the geology for social connections, and to understand it, understanding of its effects on humans was crucial.

They used computer devices like Fitbit and other gadgets that are used to track the footsteps and heart rate as well as stress rate.

The research has shown that having a quality friend circle has the same impact on our stress level as walking every day or a few other health activities have on our body.

The purpose is that despite counting each step of ours on the latest gadgets or checking our stress levels on every other occasion, we can just work on developing friendships.

The process included recording the number of steps, heart rate and sleeping cycles of the volunteers. They recorded this data using fit bits. They also got a report made on their stress levels, happiness, and emotions.

He then recorded their social networking with their friends. The results showed a very well built relation between the emotional stability and social network of a person.

The healthy lifestyle and behavior of a person combined with a social network of his showed exceptional improvement in the mental health of a person.

They used machine learning methods to generate the final results. When both the above-mentioned data was combined 55 % improvement was seen in self-esteem, 38 % improved was witnessed in predicting success and almost 54 % improvement in physical health.

The results denoted something of great significance. If we don’t have the data of one’s social circle, we are not aware of a person’s total well-being. Thus, it has a very significant role in one’s health.

Moreover, the research suggests working more on making strong personal, social connections so one can attain a healthy life from all respects.






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