Affordable Care Act Has Made Cancer Treatment More Assessable

Affordable Care Act Has Made Cancer Treatment More Assessable

Affordable Care Act was signed on 23rd March 2010. This act addresses two areas for the facilitation of patients. The first area considers the patient’s protection as well as affordability, while the second part covers the areas of the patient’s rehabilitation and health care afterward.

In the recent surveys and researches conducted on the patients battling cancer, have shown that this act proved to be of great help. We are well aware that Americans are equipped with the best technology to tackle the latest and chronic diseases.

The question was how many people could afford and excess these technologies and advancements.

The health care patients need for cancer treatment are quite expensive. Its either the patient can’t afford the cost at all or if he can afford the cost with his job, the threat of losing the job is always there.

This act makes all the treatments for cancer more cost-efficient and can be availed by everyone to lead a better life.

How this act has been able to help more people?

There are certain steps that part of this act that has made the health care department more effective in America. It makes sure that the insurance market not only covers the cost of treatment but also the cost of cancer screening, and the cost of care the patient needs after the treatment.

The act has also provided patients with preventive procedures and treatments. The acts limit Medicare from charging for these preventive procedures, but the cost is covered in their insurance.

The act makes the insurance companies accountable if they limit the financial support of the patient during the treatment in the patient’s lifetime. Up until now, sick patients were charged more by the doctors for taking their case.

In 2014 this conduct was overruled by the law, now the fee for analysis of the patient is the same for all the patients. They also initiated a scheme of providing financial assistance to the families who cannot afford to pay for their insurance. They have also tried to start a health insurance market in every state so that people from every state could be facilitated.

What were the background reasons that initiated the development in the act?

Different cancer patients, as well as survivors, have shared their stories, which helped the government determine the flaws in the systems. After learning from this certain case, the laws for the health care sector was modified. The cases mentioned below are taken from a book published by American cancer society.

A case of Kathi Hensen reported in2003, a cancer survivor showed that she was able to beat cancer because of early diagnosis. The act made also makes sure that early detection procedures are available to all.

Another case reported was of Taylor Wilhite, she was treated for a long time but when she filed for remission her insurance had reached its limit. So, this issue was also considered in the act, that no insurance company can put a time limit on insurance.

Thus, there many such cases that pushed the government to work on this act and develop it to make it more affordable and assessable for the general public.



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