Genetic Factors Do Not Affect Food Responses- Research Shows

Genetic Factors Do Not Affect Food Responses- Research Shows

The awareness regarding healthcare and the development of various health issues today is much more in comparison with a decade ago. The credits for this go to the advent and popularity of different social media platforms where people are able to find any information.

Consequently, people also know more about what to do to follow a healthy diet while being short on time at the same time. While some people are successfully able to maintain their dieting with other parts of their life, many are not able to do so.

In fact, few of the diets which have been prevalent in recent years may not work for them at all. Is this because of a lack of dedication and other lifestyle factors? This can be due to a combination of reasons depending on the person’s lifestyles but sometimes the same foods and diet may also not work.

New research on this matter suggests that people’s food responses that may vary from one person to another. The study has been done in a collaboration between the nutritional science organization ZOE, King’s College in London, and d Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

The findings of this study were shown at the American Diabetes Association conference as well as the American Society of Nutrition conference.

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How Was the Study Conducted?

Previous research on the subject of maintaining diets, exercise, and health has looked upon at how giving specific plans to people can have better results rather than giving out general guidelines to every person.

In addition, some have even pointed out that the reason for such differences between specified plans and general plans may come from a number of factors such as genetics.

The new research, which was originally based on the TwinsUK study, also tends to focus on knowing more about food responses in people as the majority of the previous work on the matter experimented with lab rodents.

Know more about the TwinsUK project here. 

In order to conduct the study, the team of researchers looked at fourteen thousand identical twins particularly to know which factors may be due to genetics and which ones may be environmental as well as how they may lead to the development of health issues.

The study was further expanded under the incorporation of a new project titled PREDICT 1, where researchers looked at how over one thousand participants responded to different kinds of foods in a span of fourteen days. Sixty percent of these participants were also identical twins.

The main factors looked at include physical activity, history of health, condition of the gut microflora, insulin resistance, triglycerides, sleep cycles, and blood sugar levels.

The participants, on the other hand, were asked to submit information regarding changes in their hunger and food intake via the use of an app particularly designed for the collection of such data.

What Were the Results?

After monitoring the participants, it was observed that their responses varied greatly even if the foods contained fat or carbohydrates. For instance, some people had effects on their blood sugar and insulin levels while others had higher levels of triglycerides.

Another important finding was that genes played little role in the responses to different kinds of foods. In fact, it was seen that the responses in the identical twins also varied greatly.

The team hopes to know more about how personalized diet plans, as well as differences, affect the health of the person. At the moment, this research is particularly helpful in changing the way people view eating and exercising in a healthy way. This may even change the entire nutrition industry.


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