Members of the US Constitutional Assembly Presented Protecting Personal Health Data Act

Members of the US Constitutional Assembly Presented Protecting Personal Health Data Act

The advancements in the fields of health and technology have made it very convenient for people with certain medical emergencies, to keep an account of their health issues.

For this, they no longer need to visit a doctor on a weekly or monthly basis. They can keep a check of their health from the comfort of their house, all thanks to medical devices and apps which assist them for this purpose.

However, where so many benefits of these advancements, there are also some cons to this facility. The legislators Lisa Murkowski and Amy Klobuchar have shown their concern on the privacy policy of these medical assisting apps and devices.

A bill has been passed in the Constitutional Assembly of America, known as “The Protecting Personal Health Data Act”. They have also asked the Sectary for Health and Human Sciences to spread the word.

To ensure that the new apps, devices and other advancements in technology, keep this new law in view while developing them.

Klobuchar has shown great concern in this matter and has said that the facilities provided by these apps are at the stake of privacy of these patients. She also said that it is the duty of the Government to keep the private data of their citizens and consumers safe.

The Senator of Alaska is proud of this two-way legislation, which is supported by both the parties in the house. She said that she had lots of complaints from her State of Alaska concerning the privacy of the consumers, that is why she made sure that the new devices, apps webpages had a proper code for conduct.

She also went on record to say that as advancements in the field of science and technology are being made it would be wrong to keep a check on them using the primitive laws.

The implementation of this bill will help them maintain the check and balance system. This bill will make sure that the consumer keeps using the benefits of these advancements while having their privacy intact.

In an article by The Washington Post, brought the matter into account how apps were selling this information on different levels and earning loads from them. In another article by the claimed that third parties like Google and Facebook were buying information of patients battling depression, who were seeking help online from this app, devices.

The reports like these have brought the matter under the Government attention.

The bill makes sure that the devices like fit-bit and many others follow the terms and conductions while taking this sensitive information from the patients seek help from them.

The act also talks about the ways by which this law could be brought to implementation. If the term and conditions are violated by any of these online health providing sources, they will have to face the legal consequences.

People are hoping that this act will have a positive impact and safeguard the privacy of the users.



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