Trumps Regime Proposes a hold on the Health Care Protection of LGBTQ Patients

Trumps Regime Proposes a hold on the Health Care Protection of LGBTQ Patients

In Obama’s presidential era, a sweeping proposal for the health facilities for LGBTQ members was made. The new proposal Trumps government has made, will affect the Civil Rights Rule made in Obama’s Government.

People who are in the favor of this proposal by Trump are saying that it will protect people’s moral sense, while who are against this proposal are saying that this will do nothing but increase discrimination in the society.

The Director of HHS Office of civil rights and health, Roger Severino, also seems to support Trump’s motive to overturn Obama’s Era proposal that not only protected the civil rights but also prevented any sort of discrimination acts towards the patients.

In 2016, in conservation Heritage Foundation, said that Obama’s Rule restricted the rights of physicians, who could practice their moral rights, conscience under this act.

This recent proposition made by Trump’s Cabinet will strip the protection of Civil rights of the Transgender Americans. This is for the providers of health care or the ones who are covering the insurances.

They could just back out from providing the services to the LGBTQ patients and not have to pay any fine or cover for any sort of insurance or face any consequences for it. They could also refuse the transgender from providing them with mental health care or gender confirmation surgery. It will also eliminate protection for non-discriminative guidelines from the market place.

In Obama’s era people conducting such discriminative acts against, whether it be doctors or the insurance providers, were punished by Federal Health Officials. Now, this Trump’s proposition will eliminate all such sort of preventive measures made for the LGBTQ rights protection. It could also affect the investigations under the non- discriminative rule as the proposition also alters its implementations.

What threat does this pose to LGBTQ Community?

It is a known fact through different researches conducted at different times that the LGBTQ community is more prone to different health challenges. They also have a higher rate of illness than other groups in society. If they are not given the rights to health care, as this rule states that such a large number of people are at risk. As there is a large number of the Community residing in the United States of America.

The basis of Obama’s rule was the conduct of health care centers towards transgender and gender non-conforming people. In a report published in 2011, 6,450 people of this community were surveyed. 28% of these people said that they were subjected to harassment in the health care centers, while 19% reported that they were refused to be given any sort of treatment by the health care centers.

Now, this new proposal of Trump’s administration poses the same sort of condition for the LGBTQ community. 28% said that they didn’t seek any medical help just because they were afraid of the harassment.

Health care should be expanded and should be available globally for everyone in need. Restricting the health care rights of the LGBTQ community is against humanitarian law. It clearly suggests that this proposition opposes basic human rights.





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