Social Life Traumas May Affect Fitness – Research Shows

Social Life Traumas May Affect Fitness – Research Shows

Can your relationship status affect your fitness routine? A new study performed on this subject says yes.

Keeping a check on your diet and exercise can be particularly hard especially if you have a stressful lifestyle. Many times you will not have enough time to grab or cook some healthy meal. Taking out time for the gym is equally hard.

According to the statistics by the World Health Organization. around sixty percent of the population of the world does not get enough exercise. Physical activity is as important as diet when it comes to fitness.

Consequently, a lack of it can lead to health problems in the future. This includes not only putting on weight and risk of obesity but also life-long conditions such as diabetes.

There is plenty of evidence that shows the benefits of exercising on a daily basis. For example, daily physical activity is beneficial for blood sugar levels, blood pressure, digestion, and preventing inflammation.

In consonance with the guidelines from the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, adults should have 75 minutes of high-intensity physical activity per week. Alternatively, they can also do 150 minutes of moderate exercises.

Target exercises and muscle or strength training should also be done for optimum results. This fortifies the major muscles groups and helps with gaining strength.

Some people have a proper and fixed fitness routine. They enjoy and fulfill their daily need for exercise. However, others may find exercise heard due to many reasons including illnesses and lifestyle factors. This now also includes your marital status and changes.

How Does Your Marital Status Affect Your Fitness?

Cardiovascular Risk in Young Finns Study is a particular project designed specifically for studying and observing cardiovascular health.

The recent study on the connection between relationships and fitness is a part of this program. The findings of this study are published in the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about the study was that sex made a difference.

According to Kasper Salin, a postdoctoral researcher from the Faculty of Sports and Health Sciences at the University of Jyväskylä in Finland and a part of the team conducting this study:

“It seems that the changes in relationships affect the physical activity of men and women differently,”

Read the study here.

The study had a 4 year follow up in which the researchers noted a lot of differences in behaviors of men and women.

Men who went through a breakup or a divorce had a decrease in their levels of physical activity. Women who had remarried had had a reduction in their number of steps. Comparatively, women in stable relationships had better fitness routines.

Another factor that was considered by the researchers was the socioeconomic class of the person. Women and men belonging to the upper class both had an increase in fitness levels following a breakup.

What Does This Mean?

Breakups and divorces can be traumatic for the majority of the people and the time period after having one is usually hard for most people. As a result, many of them stop exercising. However, getting a new relationship in this period and staying in an unsatisfactory one can have similar effects.

The researchers in the study noted that levels of fitness follow a breakup or divorce greatly relied on the social class of the person. Upper-class people had better levels due to having more facilities.

According to researchers, leaving exercise after such an event can not only harm the physical health but mental health as well. While the gym can be quite pricey, there are also other ways to stay in shape. Kasper Salin says:

“Actual exercising is not needed in order to add steps to daily life. Instead, attention should be paid to everyday choices. You could walk instead of driving or take stairs instead of an elevator.”


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