Snoozing the Alarm has Drastic Effects on Health 

Snoozing the Alarm has Drastic Effects on Health 

To get out of bed or to hit the snooze button one more time, is something almost everyone struggles to decide every morning.

Snoozing is one function of our phone which all of us have used. For some of us, it is something we do on our lazy days, while for others it is a habit. What so ever the reason might be we have experienced the moment to assemble our conscious, after hitting the Snooze button multiple times.

Snoozing may seem like an innocent attempt, or a lazy habit to give yourself a bit more ease but it not as harmless as that. However, instead of it being only a habit, it can also be a way of letting you know of the health disorders your body might be facing. Poor sleep at night which makes us hit the snooze button in the morning. This can be a signal to lots of health issues like high blood pressure, weight control and other health issues.

Reason for Using Snooze Button

Hitting the snooze button after your alarm goes off is rather more harmful than useful. Everybody has their natural sleep-wake cycle, which is regulated by our natural body clock. The effectiveness of the natural body clock varies from person to person. The body clock is regulated by cardiac rhythms. Circadian (24 hours) timing system dominates all kingdoms of living organisms. In the case of human beings, being up till late and waking up late is the reason to disturb the natural clock. When this natural sleep clock is disturbed that’s when we wake up tired and use the snooze button. This is an indication of poor sleeping habits that can lead to other disorders.

There are stages of sleep after we fall asleep, if your cardiac clock is working fine then you need to cover these four stages of sleep. These four stages cover further two stages of REM (rapid eye moment) and NREM (non REM). An adult mostly needs seven to eight hours of sleep and during this time he/she needs to cover 3 stages of NREM into REM multiple times during this seven to eight hours of sleep.

If after sleeping for the required hours you wake up tired and feel the need to hit the snooze button, it means you have not covered the required stages and need to consult some specialist to find the health disorder to which you are not able to reach all these stages.

Things Affecting the Sleep Cycle

If this cycle is followed properly this will lead to good night sleep, but there are some apparent things that affect the sleeping cycle. This things that affect sleep are snoring, lack of oxygen while sleeping and sleep apnea. Having these problems can also make the person wake up feeling tired and not well rested.

The habit of snoozing usually starts in the teen of a person. When influenced by the use of technology and the light from the devices affects are sleeping cycle and delays it.

Thus, we are unable to wake up at the required time or either wakes up tired. Therefore, to press snooze the snooze button might have a bigger cause to it. If you have this habit it’s better to look into the cause of it so it can be resolved.



Maddox Perry

Maddox is communication and political sciences graduate and working as a news journalist for the last 4 years. He is a freelance writer at Reportshealthcare. The focus areas of Maddox are global politics, climate change, public policy, and law. He feels that the environment directly impacts every individual's health and every government should ensure this clean environment and health facilities as basic rights of every citizen.

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